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Conversations with Serge


Focusing continues to be carried forward in rich and vibrant ways, to new endeavors, new fields, new areas. One of the goals of our website is to convey the many ways this is happening, as an ongoing invitation to new ways Focusing can  be used and adapted to different needs, different environments, different cultures and contexts.

The “Conversations” series does this through the immediacy of the spoken word. Created and hosted by Serge Prengel, it is a sort of Focusing Talk Radio or podcast. Every other month from 2008 to 2022, there was a new conversation added as an audio recording that you can listen to on the website, or download to play on your computer or MP3 player.

While each conversation is meant to stand on its own, this project was also an ongoing exploration of how to talk about Focusing.  Serge as host pays careful attention to how we describe what happens in the process of Focusing, especially when talking with people who use Focusing in ways that reach into different areas than the traditional ones.

As you go back and listen to this rich resource, consider sharing your ideas and experience through the Focusing Institute Facebook page.

Serge Prengel is a Focusing Coordinator, a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and a lifecoach living in New York.

Index of Conversations:

Conversation, July 2022 - Elizabeth English
Conversation, April 2022 - Bruce Gibbs
Conversation, March 2022 - Jacqui Lewis
Conversation, February 2022 - Larry Berger
Conversation, January 2022 - Larry Hurst

Conversation, December 2021 - Salvador Moreno-Lopez
Conversation, October 2021 - Jan Winhall
Conversation, September 2021 -Peter Afford
Conversation, August 2021 - L.A. McCrae 
Conversation, July 2021 - Monica Gomez Galaz And Ozlem Mavis
Conversation, June 2021 - Annie Bloch
Conversation, May 2021 - Suzanne Noel
Conversation, April 2021 - Bruce Gibbs
Conversations: March 2021 - Susan Rudnick
Conversation, February 2021: Thinking as a contemplative process
Conversation, January 2021: Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Conversation, December 2020: Rosanna Camerlingo
Conversation, November 2020: Francesca Maxime
Conversation, October 2020: Jan Winhall
Conversation, August 2020: Harbert Rice
Conversation, July 2020: Bruce Nayowith
Conversation, June, 2020: Rob Foxcroft (part 2)
Conversation, May, 2020: Rob Foxcroft
Conversation, March, 2020: Marcella Calabi
Conversation, January, 2020: Leslie Ellis

Conversation, November 2019: Edgardo Riveros Aedo
Conversation, September 2019: Salvador Moreno
Conversation, April 2019: Lynn Preston
Conversation, February 2019: Gordon Adam

Conversation, December 2018: Jeffrey Morrison
Conversation, September 2018: Rob Foxcroft
Conversation, July 2018: Evelyn Fendler-Lee
Conversation, May 2018: Ram Eisenberg
Conversation, March 2018: You

Conversation, October 2017: Sarah Peyton
Conversation, August 2017: Beatrice Blake
Conversation, mid-July 2017: Suzanne Noel
Conversation, Early July 2017: Caterina Carta
Conversation, June 2017: Kathy McGuire
Conversation, mid-May 2017: Russell Delman
Conversation, May 2017: Karen Liebenguth
Conversation, mid-April 2017: Donna Varnau
Conversation, April 2017: Jan Winhall
Conversation, March 2017: Manju (Peter Gill)
Conversation, March 2017: Marcella Calabi
Conversation, February 2017: Tobias von Schulthess
Conversations: January 2017: Peter Afford

Conversations: November 2016: Javier Romeo-Biedma
Conversations: September 2016: Cynthia Callsen
Conversations: July 2016: Sophie Glikson Cahen and Marina Strauss
Conversations: May 2016: Glenn Fleisch
Conversations: February 2016: Lynette Lancini

Conversations: December 2015: Peter Campbell
Conversations: October 2015: Rosa Zubizarreta
Conversations: June 2015: Bruce Gibbs, Andrew MacDonald, Bruce Nayowith and Serge Prengel talk about the Shared Field
Conversations: April 2015: Helene Brenner
Conversations: January 2015: Ann Weiser Cornell

Conversations: December 2014: Annmarie Early and David Glanzer
Conversations: November 2014: Bruce Nayowith
Conversations: October 2014: Alexis and Shaun Phillips
Conversations: September 2014: Serge Prengel about Active Pause
Conversations: August 2014: Katarina Halm
Conversations: June 2014: Lara Rosenthal
Conversations: May 2014: Catherine Torpey
Conversations: April 2014: Galia Porat
Conversations: February 2014: Jan Bronson

Conversations: November 2013: Beatrice Blake
Conversations: September 2013: Glenn Fleisch and Serge Prengel talk about resonance
Conversations: June 2013: Anna Christensen
Conversations: April 2013: William Hernandez
Conversations: February 2013: Serge Prengel

Conversations: October 2012: Jim Strohl
Conversations: August 2012: Leslie Ellis
Conversations: June 2012: Astrid Schillings
Conversations: April 2012: Mary Armstrong
Conversations: February 2012: René Veugelers
Conversations: January 2012: Soti Grafanaki

Conversations: December 2011: Ruth Hirsch
Conversations: November 2011: Susan Rudnick
Conversations: October 2011: Russell Delman
Conversations: September 2011: Atsmaout Persltein
Conversations: August 2011: Akira Ikemi
Conversations: July 2011: David Smith
Conversations: June 2011: Liora Bar-Natan
Conversations: May 2011: Nicoletta Corsetti
Conversations: April 2011: Shulamit Berlevtov
Conversations: March 2011: Analia Zaccai
Conversations: February 2011: Kathy McGuire
Conversations: January 2011: Suzanne Noel

Conversations: December 2010: Ruth Rosenblum
Conversations: September 2010: Greg Madison
Conversations: October 2010: Robin Kappy
Conversations: June 2010: Rob Parker
Conversations: August 2010: Shirley Turcotte
Conversations: July 2010: John Amodeo
Conversations: May 2010: David Rome
Conversations: April 2010: Karen Whalen
Conversations: March 2010: Suzanne Noel
Conversations: February 2010: Joan Klagsbrun
Conversations: January 2010: Anna Christensen

Conversations: December 2009: Bala Jaison
Conversations: November 2009: Jim Iberg
Conversations: October 2009: Jonathan Foust
Conversations: September 2009: Kevin Krycka
Conversations: August 2009: Nada Lou
Conversations: July 2009: Robert Lee
Conversations: June 2009: Kevin McEvenue
Conversations: May 2009: Doralee Grindler Katonah
Conversations: April 2009: Lynn Preston
Conversations: March 2009: Barbara Chutroo
Conversations: February 2009: Laury Rappaport
Conversations: January 2009: Claudia Conza

Conversations: December 2008: Nina Joy Lawrence