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Conversation, February 2019: Gordon Adam

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In this conversation, Gordon Adam talks about his experience of the advantages and benefits of including physical contact as part of the Focusing exchange, including some guidance on the circumstances in which this may be appropriate.

Gordon Adam:

Gordon Adam lives in Bristol, UK, and as well as having a passion for Focusing, he has a strong interest in helping build Focusing community. He runs introductory workshops in local communities, facilitates an open monthly ’changes’ type Focusing group, sends out a regular local Focusing newsletter, is a co-organiser of the BFA Focusing Community Camp, and co-editor of the BFA newsletter.

Gordon has been running 5-day Focusing retreats on Dartmoor and in the Southwest for the last 10 years, combining Focusing with periods of silence, meditation, immersion in the natural world, and temporary community. He has also worked for many years as a homeopath, homeopathic teacher and supervisor.


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