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Racial and Social Justice

Racial and Social Justice


This page offers a few resources for those wishing to explore the connection between felt sensing and issues of justice. Much more can be done to bring a Focusing perspective to issues of racial and social justice and to our political lives. If you have more resources to suggest for this page, or wish to explore these issues in the context of felt sensing, please contact us.

Board's DEI statement and scholarship

The International Focusing Institute’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Statement can be found here.

Find information about our DEI Scholarship here.

Felt Sense Conference 2021: Embodied Liberation: the Felt Sense & Social Justice

In December 2021, the online Felt Sense Conference theme was “Embodied Liberation: the Felt Sense & Social Justice.” Here are recordings of three panels which took place at that conference.

    Panel on Earth/Climate Justice

    Panel on Anti-Racism

    Panel on Gender/Sexuality Inclusion

Focusing Highlight: Felt Narratives of Racial Trauma

In February 2024, Cristiana Martins & João Paulo Souza of Brazil offered a Focusing Highlight on “Felt Narratives of Racial Trauma” in Portuguese, with translation to English. The Highlight is available for sale – pay what you can (suggested $30 for those living in the USA).

Article on Focusing and Juneteenth (US holiday celebrating the release of enslaved people)

Darryl Commings' article on the relationship of Focusing with Juneteenth and liberation, published in our June 2022 newsletter:

Interview with the Rev. Jacqui Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church in New York City

Serge Prengel interviewed the Rev. Jacqui Lewis as part of the Conversations series:

Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy

Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy (IFOT, formerly called Aboriginal FOT) was developed by Shirley Turcotte and carried forward by Focusing Coordinator DaRa Williams as well as Focusing Coordinator Isabel Adon.  Shirley and DaRa discuss IFOT on this video on Shirley’s Indigenous FOT channel:


Focusing-Oriented Democracy

Greg Madison, a Focusing Coordinator from the United Kingdom, speaks about  Focusing Oriented Democracy in this video: