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Volunteer for TIFI



We create surveys for all of our courses, but we aren’t always able to spend the time compiling them in a way that is useful to our staff and volunteers and for our long-term records.Your job would be to compile and summarize results, and to segment results based on the various presenters (in a conference, for instance).


  • Comfort with Excel spreadsheets
  • Since some of the survey results might be of a sensitive nature, ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Ability to attend staff meetings approximately monthly (exact dates will depend on when survey results are ready)

To indicate interest, please write to [email protected]

Reading Freshly


Reading Facilitators: We’d like a team of 3 or so people who can share responsibility for convening the meetings, reading (or inviting others to read) specific sections, preparing some questions to get the conversation going, keeping the time and keeping the whole project under review, including getting feedback from participants and others who may be interested in participating, and coordinating as needed with the TIFI office.

The reading group will meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 2pm – 3:30pm New York time (afternoon in the Americas, evenings in Europe/Africa, wee hours in Asia/Oceania). The idea of a team is that you would not have to attend each session, though you’d be welcome to. You must be a member of TIFI to fulfill this role.

Zoom volunteers: Depending on the comfort level of the Reading Facilitators with managing Zoom, we might need volunteers who will be in charge of all the Zoom functionality such as opening the room, managing breakout rooms if the Reading Facilitator wants those, etc. The Zoom volunteer would be welcome to participate in the conversation as well, but would not be responsible for leading the discussion. Note that this reading group will be in English. After we have experience with this group, we hope to offer a similar group to our members who speak other languages, if there is interest.

To indicate interest in volunteering as part of the Reading Facilitators team or the Zoom volunteers team for Reading Freshly, please email us at [email protected]

Discussion Lists


We are seeking someone to be part of a team of two or three people who can share the duties of moderating the Focusing Discussion e-mail list. The list is open to anyone in the world to ask questions or make comments. In order to keep it a friendly and inviting space, the moderator simply checks all messages coming in. If a message is inappropriate, the moderator writes to the individual to explain why, and invites them to re-word their message. This is a rare occurrence. This must be done each day, to ensure that messages don’t wait more than 24 hours to go through. We have one moderator, but we need one or two others to share the load. This is an ongoing volunteer role. We ask for a minimum one year commitment, beginning as soon as possible. Estimated time per month: about 4-6 hours. 

Watch TIFI videos


We are very close to launching a site for renting Focusing-related videos.  We could use a small team of volunteers who will watch full videos (usually one to two hours in length) to check for watchability, and to check whether the presenter makes reference to any materials which need to be included with the video.  This should be a fun assignment if you have time to watch carefully and take detailed notes, so that we can release the videos on our platform with assurance that those renting them will have a great experience.  We ask for a commitment to watch at least 3 videos.  This is a short-term commitment, ending when we have the videos ready to go within the next few months.  Estimated time commitment: 12-15 hours or more, depending on how many videos you watch.

Focusing Highlights

Present a Focusing Highlight 

For certified members of TIFI, this is a chance to support the Institute while also sharing your work with a wider audience.  Having our support team working with you also makes it a great opportunity to try new ideas or ways of presenting.  Read more here.

For any of these opportunities, please email contact: [email protected]