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Discussion Lists



1. Focusing Discussion List

This is our most popular and active email discussion list devoted to Focusing. All are welcome! To join the Focusing Discussion group, please click here.

2. Focusing Español 

Esta lista de discusión está abierta a cualquier persona que quiera conectarse con otros Focusers de habla hispana.

3. Focusing Italiano 

Vi invitiamo a partecipare a questa lista di discussione di Focusing in Italiano. Questo gruppo di discussione è aperto a chiunque sia intessato/a al Focusing e voglia condividere le sue esperienze, scambiare informazioni e pensieri, annunciare eventi di Focusing, o sperimentare nella comunicazione scritta partendo dal proprio sentire esperienziale. Vi chiediamo che la lista sia riservata per comunicazioni che abbiano a che fare con la pratica ed il processo di Focusing. Per iscriverti clicca qui:

4. Community Wellness Discussion Group

To subscribe,  click here or go to:

5. Focusing and Arts Therapies Discussion Group

This online discussion group provides a place for people interested in the synthesis of Focusing with any of the arts therapies (art therapy, dance-movement therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama, poetry and writing therapy, intermodal expressive arts, etc.) to share:

  • ideas, resources, felt senses, discoveries, etc. 
  • application to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, groups, etc.
  • various applications...therapy, health and wellness, trauma, spirituality, etc.
  • training opportunities, methods for teaching, etc. 
  • interests and questions that you are wondering about
  • ideas and interests in collaborative projects
  • research possibilities

To subscribe,  click here or go to:

6. Thinking At the Edge (TAE)

This is an on-line group of people who have been using Thinking at the Edge (TAE) to develop their own theories in a safe and welcoming interaction. To subscribe,  click here or go to

To learn more about TAE, please find that section at

7. Focusing, Contemplative Practices and Spiritual Paths Online Discussion Group

For more information about the Focusing, Contemplative Practices and Spiritual Paths 
Online Discussion Group, click here.

8. Focusing-Children

The Focusing-Children discussion list is open to anyone who cares about using Focusing with children, whether in schools, in psychotherapy, as parents, or in creative endeavors. To subscribe to the list,  click here

9. BioSpiritual Focusing

The BioSpiritual Focusing Discussion List is for those who share BioSpiritual roots or would like to learn about BioSpiritual approach to Focusing.  To subscribe to the list,  click here

10. Focusing and Coaching

The Focusing and Coaching list explores what “Focusing-oriented coaching” could be and what growth and change it might facilitate.  To subscribe to the list,  click here

11. International Association of Focusing-Oriented Therapies

This list is for the international association of focusing-oriented therapies, an interest group of The International Focusing Institute. It is for anyone interested in the application of Focusing and The Philosophy of the Implicit to therapy situations, and the education and supervision of Focusing-oriented therapists.  To subscribe to the list,  click here

12. Focusing and Jewish Spirituality

This online discussion group is open to all who are interested in using Focusing to deepen their experience of Jewish spirituality, practice, and thought. Questions and comments welcome. To join the list, click here.