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Bodywork and Movement

Meeting at the Edge 2009. Focusing in the body-centered professions.  Body-centered practices and the self-reflective process known as Focusing share a special resonance for reaching deeply into personal process. This workshop is intended for professionals who are interested in integrating Focusing with body-centered approaches to their work.

Report on "Focusing in the Body-Centered Professions:Meeting at the Edge" in Ischia, Italy, May 14-17 2007. This consolidated report includes descriptions of workshops presented, interest groups formed, the structure of the event and more.

The Bodywork and Focusing forum is intended for those interested in synthesizing any of a number of bodywork practices with the self-discovery methodology of Focusing. Bodyworkers from a variety of disciplines are invited to participate, as are non-bodyworkers interested in Focusing and the body. We look forward to a growing dialogue together. For more information, click here.

The Integration of Focusing with Other Body-Centered Interventions by Neil Friedman, Ph.D.

Meet your body – Bringing Authentic Movement to Focusing by Barbara Chutroo [PDF]