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An Introduction to Focusing Partnerships

Partnership Diversity

Many people all over the world have a Focusing partnership.

Focusing Partnership is an opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship between two people who offer regular Focusing time to each other.

An ongoing relationship creates trust and safety between partners, which deepens the process for both.

Because your partner holds the space in non judgmental way, you will find an additional benefit of being with yourself in a way that was not possible before.

Within the framework of the Focusing process, you, as partners, design your own structure for meetings.

Focusing Partnership is designed to be a reliable, confidential process. You, the Focuser are always in charge of how much of personal content to reveal to a listener who is there to keep you company along the way.

Resources for Partnership
Over time, Focusers have developed some "best practice" guidelines on partnership, which might be useful whether you are new to Focusing Partnership or want to refresh your knowledge. We have them listed as Focusing Partnership FAQs.

The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) has a Partnership Network to help connect people looking for partners.  To be eligible for the Network, you must have received the PFP Award (Proficiency in Focusing Partnership) or be certified by TIFI.

If you are new to Focusing, find out more here.