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Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award

Proficiency in Focusing Partnership

The ”Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award” (PFP Award) can be awarded to a Focuser who has demonstrated proficiency in Focusing, listening and partnership skills and is a member of the International Focusing Institute (TIFI). Readiness for the PFP Award is at the discretion of the certified Focusing professional recommening the candidate for the award. (Note that this includes any CFP/Trainer, FOT, Coordinator or Coordinator-in-Training.) As a guideline, proficiency skills and competencias might include:

• Ability to identify and utilize the felt sense in your process
• Ability to listen in the Focusing way
• Having Focusing experience with a number of other Focusing partners

The PFP Award can be a first goal for trainees who have selected the path to become a certified Focusing professional or it can be a stand-alone award demonstrating a particular level of Focusing experience.

Instructions for Applicants for a PFP Award
Instrucciones para quienes Soliciten el Reconocimiento

Is this a new course?

No, this is not a new program or course, but rather simply a recognition of a level of proficiency. Each teacher or Coordinator will continue teaching their programs exactly as they have in the past, but can incorporate TIFI´s PFP Award in their teaching program as a goal for students. For example, for trainees in certification programs, the PFP Award may be used as a midway acknowledgement. For students not in a certification program it can be given as a stand-alone award.

Who can recommend the candidate for the PFP Award?

Any TIFI certified Focusing professional: Coordinator (CC), Coordinator in Training (CiT), FOT or CFP/Trainer can recommend a student for the award. The award document will be signed by TIFI, and the above-listed recommending teacher.

Fees and Membership

(1) There is a modest fee process and mail the PFP Award.
(2) The recipient must be a member of TIFI as a Trainee or in any affiliate membership category (Friend $25, Supporter $50, Associate $75).


1. Acknowledgement of your Focusing development and readiness to be a Focusing partner.
2. Connection with the larger Focusing community around the world.
3. Eligibility to join the Institute’s Partnership Network

Guidance for Teachers Recommending a Candidate for This Award

Teachers who wish to recommend candidates for the PFP Award should explain the award to their students and make students aware of the membership requirement and processing fee. When the teacher deems the student ready to receive this PFP Award, the teacher contacts TIFI personnel to inform them of the student’s eligibility. TIFI will contact the student to process the award and mail it to the teacher to sign and issue to the student.

For more info, please contact [email protected]

Instructions for Recommending an Applicant
Instrucciones para recomendar a una persona para el Reconocimiento

PFP Award Recommendation Form
Formulario Recomendación PFP Award


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