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A Better World: Community Wellness Focusing

Community Wellness Focusing Update - by Nina Joy Lawrence and Patricia Omidian
Published in TFI Newsletter In Focus May 2013


Being What We Are About - Message to the International Focusing Conference, 2012, by Kye Nelson, Co Executive Director, The Focusing Institute

Focusing in El Salvador: Tools for Healing by Yara Jiménez, CFT

An Ex-Con Breaks Free, With the Help of Focusing Therapy: An innovative approach to redefining ourselves and living a better, more constructive life - by Jen Singer August 15, 2012 from PBS website (offsite link)

What’s Different And Important About Community Wellness Focusing? by Jill Drummond

Focusing and Overcoming Extreme Poverty in Ecuador

Levinas & Gendlin: Joint contributions for a 1st person approach to understanding difficult situations in the Mid-East by Kevin C. Krycka in Existential Analysis 20.1: January 2009

Changes Support Groups

The Politics of Giving Therapy Away: Listening and Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin, PhD.

Allocution de Mary Hendricks, Ph. D. 17ième Conférence annuelle de Focusing à Toronto, Canada, mai 2005 Traduction et arrangement de Marie-Anne Quenneville, o.s.u. Ph.D. et de Solange St-Pierre Professionnelles Certifiées en Focusing du TFI juin 2006  [PDF]

Focusing in El Salvador: help with recovery from trauma and generating fresh thinking

Focusing as a Force for Peace: The Revolutionary Pause by Mary Hendricks, Ph.D.

Teaching Focusing in War Zones by Lyly Rojas De Knaus, Ph.D.

A Philosophical Critique of the Concept of Narcissism: The significance of the awareness movement by Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D.

Empowerment in Mutual Vulnerability: A Couple Become Focusing Companions by Marianne and Lance Thompson

CONSTRUÇÃO DE CONSENSO – SEMINÁRIOS TEMÁTICOS Portuguese translation of Consensus Building by Jan Bronson, M.A., NCRPsyA. Translation by Prof. Ms. João Carlos Caselli Messias.

UM GRUPO DE FOCALIZAÇÃO: Modelo para um novo tipo de Processo Grupal Portuguese translation of A FOCUSING GROUP Model for a New Kind of Group Process by Marion N. Hendricks, Ph.D. Translation by Prof. Ms. João Carlos Caselli Messias.

Focusing and Afghanistan

A Focusing Story from Afghanistan

This Human Body is a Guest House  - image and explanatory text for Slide 43 from above Slide Show 

The Use of Focusing by Afghan Aid Workers by Patricia Omidian

Focusing in Afghanistan by Nina Joy Lawrence

Afghanistan Psychosocial Wellness/Women’s Project :A Collaborative Project of The Focusing Institute and the American Friends Service Committee

Evaluation for Parsa's Higher Education Psychosocial Training by Manjari Mehta, Ph.D.  [PDF]
This an outside evaluation of a project in which Focusing is taught to staff of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan (PARSA) and to University students who in turn teach it to children and teachers at several schools and orphanages in Afghanistan. Warchild funded a center which features Focusing as a major component of their psychosocial program. The whole report is shown and section II begins the explicit evaluation of Focusing.