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Interview with Eugene T. Gendlin

Focusing - Eugene T. Gendlin, founder of an innovative self-actualization technique with transformative potential, talks with Linda Heuman.  Tricycle Magazine, Fall 2011. [PDF 4MB]

Focusing and Spirituality

Focusing and Spirituality by Elfie Hinterkopf on behalf of the Working group on Focusing and Spirituality  at the 15th International meeting, May 2003. This piece includes a Focusing-oriented description of spirituality that applies to any kind of spiritual orientation and a sample exercise showing how to enhance spiritual experiencing.

Defining the Spiritual Experience, Excerpted from Integrating Spirituality in Counseling: A Manual for Using the Experiential Focusing Method by Elfie Hinterkopf, Ph.D.

Focusing as Part of Spiritual Renewal from The Focusing Institute

Spiritual Path - in focusing oriented psychotherapy by Ifat Eckstein [PDF]


An open letter from Rabbi Dr. Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi to his friend, colleague and Focusing partner, Dr. Eugene Gendlin

Judaism and Focusing Technique by Rabbi Goldie Milgram


Biospiritual Focusing
The Institute for BioSpiritual Research Website:

Focusing on the Light: A Modest Proposal by Nancy Saunders. A practice called "Focusing" shares common elements with the experience of meeting for Quaker worship.


Focusing and Buddhism:

A Creative Weaving An introduction from the Focusing and Buddhism Working group.