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The Third Felt Sense Conference
Honoring the work of Eugene T. Gendlin
"Embodied Liberation: the Felt Sense & Social Justice”

“We cannot be sure that Focusing will always undo imposed forms from society, but having a ‘political analysis’ can help us to see things and question things that we might not otherwise notice.”
-Eugene Gendlin

Let’s come together to explore the social change potency and potential of Focusing.
This online series of Focusing conversations will center on some of the central issues of our time—issues that cry out for our attention but are most difficult to engage. We believe that Focusing attitudes and skills can make it possible to overcome the barriers to genuine conversations about the issues that matter most. Each workshop will include an introductory talk, large group discussion as well as small group sharing.
Annette Dubreuil Changes Group - circle of chairs
**We meet twice per month.**

A Changes Group is a free-of-charge, peer-led group that meets so people can exchange Focusing and listening turns in an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect. It's a group for continuing your Focusing practice; no teaching will be done. We meet on zoom and breakout rooms are used after a brief group centering and grounding practice.

This Changes Group is open to people who have not done Focusing before. Beginners can observe in a triad and then have a turn. So you can feel free to invite someone who is curious to come with you.
Online via Zoom
highlights logo Sue Burrell Jen Dunbabin
A 'hot potato' is an issue that most people don’t want to talk about. It can involve unpleasant or even dangerous consequences for anyone dealing with it.

In a world of growing uncertainty, it is not surprising that our conversations and our thinking, are becoming increasingly polarized. It is becoming more difficult to hold civil conversations—or conversations at all—around ‘hot potato’ topics.

In this webinar, we will use Focusing to unravel some of the complexity for ourselves, for others, and around the issue itself.

All are welcome to attend. Some familiarity with Focusing will be helpful but is not required.
Online (Class will also be recorded)
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course
You don’t know Focusing and/or are interested in the basic level 1-5 Focusing course?
Please join us to get a taste of Focusing and to ask any questions you may have.
This event is online
Mesas Redondas Alejandro Juroczko Nora Viacava
Esta conversación en línea gratuita es parte de la serie Focusing Roundtable especialmente para miembros de TIFI.

Una cultura organizacional enfocada en el bienestar y la salud es el pilar fundamental para el éxito de las empresas y organizaciones. A través de prácticas saludables es posible conseguir líderes y equipos sanos y motivados, tanto en el desarrollo grupal como así también individual.
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Taster for Foucusing Course Level 1-5


舉辦澄心技法認證 – 課前說明會
時間:8:00pm – 9:15pm (TWT)
This event is online
Focusing Roundtables logo Theresia W. Nestlang Heide-Marie Smolka
Journaling ist ein Bereich der Reflexion, des Erinnerns, des Neu- und Wiederkombinierens, der Revision, eine lebendige Methode, um von Unordnung zu Klarheit zu gelangen, ein Kanal zum Hinterfragen und Verbinden. Als solches öffnet das Journaling einen Raum, um sich selbst zu nähern und neue Sichtweisen zu ermöglichen – was das Papier zu einem perfekten Ort für ein Focusing macht.
Facilitator Magic Tree Carbondale
This course is an exploration of, and mutual support for, integrating your heart's contribution to the Great Turning - from the Industrial Growth Society to a Life-Sustaining Culture.
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Foucusing Skills Course Level 1-5
澄心技法國際認證 L1-5:
2022/01/04 ~ 2022/07/19(全部日期為週二)

7:00pm – 10:00pm (TWT)

※ 課程包含講解、示範、團體練習、問答,以及兩人一組的澄心練習(課程總時數60小時)。另外,團體課程之間至少一次的課外兩人練習,可以是面對面、電話或視訊進行。
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的澄心個案(60分鐘)
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的指導個案(60分鐘)
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的督導個案(60分鐘)
This event is online
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019
An online entry level Focusing class that prepares you to begin a Focusing partnership. And a great opportunity to review the basics of Self-in-Presence as a way of being that creates space for lasting change.
Meets six times on Sundays 1 - 3 pm New York EDT.

Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ Jan Winhall, Certifying Coordinator & FOT Annette Dubreuil, Certified Focusing Professional & MBA
As we move through these uneasy times our bodies search for ways to soothe. Old habits that helped us in the past may reemerge. New habits may begin to form. How do we feel about these self soothing behaviours? Are they good? Are they bad? Are they ugly? When does a habit become an addiction? How can we help ourselves to develop a practice that calms us down, soothing our nervous system?

The Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ for working with trauma and addiction provides us with answers to these questions. Through daily practices and an embodied process of Focusing, we learn to regulate our autonomic nervous system. Healing and restorative habits evolve over time—one felt shift at a time—as we come together in community with safety and respect.

Each week, we will visit a different quality of Self-leadership, to build our inner resources for self-regulation. There are 8Cs of Self-leadership, one for each week: calm, curiosity, clarity, creativity, compassion, confidence, courage and connection.

By flocking together in community, we can use the good to heal our trauma and release the bad and ugly ‘ways.’
Ann Weiser Cornell Peter Gill
When you gaze up at the stars at night, do you have a sense of being a loved and cherished part of a larger compassionate system?

Or do you feel small and insignificant, and that the universe is cold, chaotic, and uncaring?

Here’s what I’ve learned: The difference between these two worldviews is not an intellectual decision. It’s something you can feel in the wisdom of your body.

Over my 49 years of listening inwardly using Focusing, I’ve made an astonishing discovery: The more I listen within, the more I feel connected to what is much bigger than me.

Join me and Peter Gill — and explore how inner awareness can connect you to the spiritual dimension.
Online via Zoom
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course
You don’t know Focusing and/or are interested in the basic level 1-5 Focusing course?
Please join us to get a taste of Focusing and to ask any questions you may have.
Ann Weiser Cornell
Want to watch as Ann Weiser Cornell guides someone through their very first Focusing session?

Focusing can be puzzling to talk about. It can be hard to learn from a book or a video. But when someone is actually taken through the process, you get it! Be present to observe as Ann guides three first-time Focusers (one each week) - and then comment afterward. The guest Focusers are volunteers who understand that their session will be witnessed by a safe and respectful group of people.
Online via Zoom
Ann Weiser Cornell Carol Nickerson
Go deeper into Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn the skill of guiding with sensitivity and awareness. Interactive advanced Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing) and Carol Nickerson.

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions. Partnership Proficiency Recognition awarded on completion.
Online via Zoom
TIFI events Rob Parker
PLEASE NOTE: This class ended on November 17 but you may complete a post registration which will give you access to all recordings and resources until February 22, 2022.

An interactive 4-session course facilitated by Rob Parker. Live sessions on Wednesdays: October 27, November 3, November 10, and November 17, 2021.

The Experience of felt sensing is in many ways at the heart of Focusing and of Gendlin's philosophy of the implicit. But how well do we understand this experience? For example, how is it that the body can “know” something that the mind does not? Isn't "knowing" supposed to happen in the brain?

Using lecture, discussion and experiential exercises, this course will explore Gendlin's understanding of felt sense, and along the way we will also explore his understanding of consciousness, meaning, and life. Thus it will also be a good introduction to Gendlin's philosophy. And if you are already familiar with Gendlin's philosophy, this series may help you carry your understanding forward in a new way.

All are welcome. The class size will not be limited and participants do not need to attend live. Recordings of the individual sessions will available to all registrants prior to the next session (except in the case of technical difficulties).
Wendi Maurer Hanspeter Mühlethaler
This is the last of our three part interactive online course. During our 6 classes, we will guide you in a playful way, through the third phase of TAE (steps 10 - 14). You will be connecting terms (words, phrases, concepts) to bring together what you have found in the preceding steps. This allows you to create a formal theory that is logical and rooted in felt-sensing, which can be applied to other fields and to your own topic.

6 two hour classes starting February 2, 2022
Ann Weiser Cornell Jinevra Howard
Discover powerful skills for life change based on self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Start to experience the process of Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn how to cultivate an inner environment of calm, open, curious awareness which is the foundation from which lasting change emerges. Interactive beginning Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing) and Jinevra Howard.

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions.
Online via Zoom
Harriet & René: Being Seriously Playful! Children Focusing Listening space!
Topics Covered. Working with creative expression and non-verbal communication. we will learn the basic listening skills of Children’s Focusing.
The central goal is to achieve authentic contact and open connection through simple, structured exercises designed to support the process of re-connection with yourself and to articulate ways to transfer this authenticity into your everyday life with children and your roles as a parent, grandparent, therapist, or teacher.
from The Netherlands
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course
Online - Suitable for American and European Time Zones

In this course, you will learn all the fundamentals of Focusing and you will be able to apply this remarkable process in your life as a self-help tool both for yourself and with a Focusing partner. It is also a great first step if you envision to further certify as a Focusing Professional.
After completion of this level 1-5 course, you are eligible for “Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award – PFPA”.
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019
This online entry level Focusing class prepares you to begin a Focusing partnership. It's also a great opportunity to review the basics of Self-in-Presence as a way of being that creates space for lasting change. This class can be your first step toward professional certification by completing Levels 1-4, then entering the ongoing Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change.

Level 1 meets six times on Mondays 7 - 9 pm New York EDT.
Online via Zoom
TAE am SEE Regina Jürgens Monika Catarina Lindner
Lerne die Denkbewegungen von "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE) kennen und entwickle eine Idee weiter, die dir am Herzen liegt.

Learn the thinking movements of "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE) and further develop an idea you care about.
Bildungshaus St. Martin am Starnberger See, Germany
French International 2022 Logo
Focusing: 29th International Conference - France 2022
22nd-26th June 2022 – Lou Capitelle & Spa – Vogüé (Ardèche) – France

The French Focusing Community is making everything ready for us all to be together in June 2022. IFEF (Institut de Focusing d'Europe Francophone) has been organizing summer schools each year in France for many years. Now they are ready to share their vibrant community with the world. All workshops will be in French and English.

Registration is now open!
Early bird rates available now.

We can't wait to be together.

Vivement Juin 2022!
Beautiful Ardeche, France, at Lou Capitelle and Spa
homepage conference website
The theme is inspired by the simple, yet fundamental question which Carl Rogers asked himself: “How can I be of help?” It is a question we think is of interest for person centered and experiential (PCE) practitioners and researchers, as well as more broadly in the world of psychotherapy. A question we find it worthwhile revisiting in order to explore what answers may be found today.
Being Seriously Playful! Harriet &  René Our symbols inner & outer connections
Children Focusing provides adults with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows them to be with ~ and work with children,
using the tools, techniques and inherently gentle, playful approach of Focusing.

The Netherlands