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Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course
You don’t know Focusing and/or are interested in the basic level 1-5 Focusing course?
Please join us to get a taste of Focusing and to ask any questions you may have.
Ann Weiser Cornell Peter Gill
When you gaze up at the stars at night, do you have a sense of being a loved and cherished part of a larger compassionate system?

Or do you feel small and insignificant, and that the universe is cold, chaotic, and uncaring?

Here’s what I’ve learned: The difference between these two worldviews is not an intellectual decision. It’s something you can feel in the wisdom of your body.

Over my 49 years of listening inwardly using Focusing, I’ve made an astonishing discovery: The more I listen within, the more I feel connected to what is much bigger than me.

Join me and Peter Gill — and explore how inner awareness can connect you to the spiritual dimension.
Online via Zoom
foxglove flower image mjw in woods
Befriending What is Difficult

8 week experiential class in a Focusing approach to how to befriend what is difficult. It is a given that life is full of difficulties. Some of them arise in a moment or full day of challenges or frustration and others are those longer term difficulties that seem to defy solution and return to us again and again. The fact of them is inescapable but how we walk with them, how we carry them, can make a world of difference in how the journey feels as we choose our next steps and travel the rough terrain. Taking a Rumi’s “Guest House” approach to what is challenging can completely shift our experience and allow us to discover the gifts hidden in what we find challenging. Class size limited to 12. Participants should plan to attend live. Some sessions will be recorded by request and made available to class participants only if they cannot attend a particular session.

Online- Eastern North America timezone
Ann Weiser Cornell
As these uncertain times continue to challenge us in unprecedented ways, our need for connection and emotional support is greater than ever.

This is a 30-minute free webinar (with Ann Weiser Cornell) with warm, positive tips for emotional self-care in these challenging times.

Our hope is that you’ll leave the webinar with a greater sense of resilience and some relief from the stressful feelings you might be having. And that you’ll know you are not alone.
Online via Zoom
Ann Weiser Cornell
Want to watch as Ann Weiser Cornell guides someone through their very first Focusing session?

Focusing can be puzzling to talk about. It can be hard to learn from a book or a video. But when someone is actually taken through the process, you get it! Be present to observe as Ann guides three first-time Focusers (one each week) - and then comment afterward. The guest Focusers are volunteers who understand that their session will be witnessed by a safe and respectful group of people.
Online via Zoom
TIFI events logo Katrijn Van Loock Julian Crotti
NOTE: Katrijn and Julian's offering is 90 minutes. The additional 30 minutes is for those attending the live session to go into breakout rooms for partnership practice (optional).

"This is not a workshop, a class, a demonstration, a Q and A or a ‘how to’, although it holds the potential to be all those things. We offer an insight into and from within our shared process. We invite you to an insight into and from within our shared and evolving process. It is a container we have been constructing together delicately for the last four years.

Starting with the principles of relational wholebody focusing; we pause, take time, and zoom into the fundamental movements of two people relating. This connection is held by a structure. Every interaction that occurs between us happens within and is informed by this structure. Every time we meet, we take time to lay the foundations of this structure.

In this session we will explore in real time a new development. What is possible when we open our focusing structure to others? If this proposal is as interesting and exciting as it continues to be for us, we look forward to welcoming you. To this place of adventure and discovery."
In this series, we will see how Gendlin’s new world of process thinking transforms the work of psychotherapy. The awareness of how we are interacting rather than what we are talking about gives the therapy relationship a new environment, a new home base. We will show how the philosophical concepts illuminate the moment-to-moment therapeutic interaction, deepening and broadening our
understanding of what makes for growth and change.
Online Zoom Event
blue-gray succulents
This course, continuing from Level 1, is about the nurturing companion to a Focusing process. Cultivating Presence as the Companion and learning how the partner can support the Focuser's Presence. Advanced listening techniques are taught as well as how to "lead-in" the Focuser if they would like that.
Online; Central Coast of California, USA. Pacific Standard Time
Amaryn Clare, Certified Focusing Trainer and Coach Kathleen Heagney, Assistant
This is an introductory class to focusing and listening. It is a small study group with a free one on one initial session. The class is deliberately kept small to ensure each participant ends with a complete understanding of the process and begins to experience the benefits of what Focusing can provide. Individual attention will be given to each participant as needed as well as assigned partnerships between class dates.
Naty Calviño. Focusing Trainer, Coordinadora-en-Entrenamiento, Counselor Orientada al Focusing, Yogaterapeuta.
Este es un grupo de encuentro terapéutico orientado al Focusing, en el que vamos a ver o re-ver formas de escucharnos a nosotros mismos y a otros.
Es una invitación a encontrarnos, a hacer una pausa, a explorar eso "más" que nuestros sentimientos y emociones, a dar espacio, aceptación y escucha amigable a lo que sea que aparezca, a encontrar esa conexión interior, a crecer en amor y compasión hacia nosotros mismos, hacia otros y hacia nuestro ambiente... ir más allá de los pensamientos , sentimientos y emociones conocidas, los mandatos, creencias y condicionamientos...para poder contactarnos con lo más real y auténtico en nosotros y comenzar a dar nuevos pasos de cambio, contactarnos con todo nuestro potencial y creatividad y llevar nuestra vida adelante.

"Las personas encuentran riqueza en sí mismas y en los otros a medida que se abren en el Focusing y la escucha." Gendlin

Nos vamos a encontrar una vez a la semana durante 1 hora y media.
Es abierto a todos, tengas mucha. poca o ninguna experiencia en Focusing, Si ya sos un profesional en el ámbito de ayuda y querés profundizar en la escucha, en la exploración y en la congruencia tanto para tu ser profesional como para ofrecerlo a otros, estos encuentros también son para vos!
Naty Calviño. Certified Focusing Trainer, Coordinator-in-Training, Focusing Oriented Counselor, Yogatherapist
This is a Focusing Oriented group, where we'll be visiting/revisiting ways of listening to ourselves and others.

It's an invitation to meet, to pause, to listen to ourselves, to find that "more" to our feelings and emotions, to give space, acceptance and friendliness to whatever comes,  to find that inner connection, and grow in love and compassion towards ourselves, others and our environment...To find and develop our own uniqueness and potential, and be able to move forward in fresh, new ways...

"People find richness in each other as they open up in Focusing and listening" Gendlin

We will be meeting once a week for 1 hour and a half, and you can join any time. 

It's open for everybody, whether you have some, a lot or no experience in Focusing, whether you are already using Focusing for yourself or in your work with other people in whatever area, this is going to enrich your own life and help you listen to others in a deeply embodied way, knowing that Wisdom and the capacity for healing is in our bodies.

Tuesdays from 11.30 pm to 1 pm (Eastern Time) Starting in February. Tuesday 1st.

Ann Weiser Cornell Carol Nickerson
Go deeper into Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn the skill of guiding with sensitivity and awareness. Interactive advanced Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing) and Carol Nickerson.

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions. Partnership Proficiency Recognition awarded on completion.
Online via Zoom
TIFI events Rob Parker
PLEASE NOTE: This class ended on November 17 but you may complete a post registration which will give you access to all recordings and resources until February 28, 2022.

An interactive 4-session course facilitated by Rob Parker. Live sessions on Wednesdays: October 27, November 3, November 10, and November 17, 2021.

The Experience of felt sensing is in many ways at the heart of Focusing and of Gendlin's philosophy of the implicit. But how well do we understand this experience? For example, how is it that the body can “know” something that the mind does not? Isn't "knowing" supposed to happen in the brain?

Using lecture, discussion and experiential exercises, this course will explore Gendlin's understanding of felt sense, and along the way we will also explore his understanding of consciousness, meaning, and life. Thus it will also be a good introduction to Gendlin's philosophy. And if you are already familiar with Gendlin's philosophy, this series may help you carry your understanding forward in a new way.

All are welcome. The class size will not be limited and participants do not need to attend live. Recordings of the individual sessions will available to all registrants prior to the next session (except in the case of technical difficulties).
En línea
Wendi Maurer Hanspeter Mühlethaler
This is the last of our three part interactive online course. During our 6 classes, we will guide you in a playful way, through the third phase of TAE (steps 10 - 14). You will be connecting terms (words, phrases, concepts) to bring together what you have found in the preceding steps. This allows you to create a formal theory that is logical and rooted in felt-sensing, which can be applied to other fields and to your own topic.

Love your first experience with TAE and want more? You don’t have to have steps 1 - 9 to join us for this class.

6 two hour classes starting February 2, 2022
Annette Dubreuil
Learn the 6 steps of Focusing in this interactive 2-hour workshop. There will be a Focusing demo. And you will have the opportunity to experience Focusing for a 20-minute turn, as well as a listening turn in breakout groups.

Next sessions (pick one 2-hour session to attend):
-Wednesday, February 2 (6:30-8:30 pm Eastern Time/New York Time)
-Tuesday, February 8 (10:30 am - 12:30 pm Eastern/New York Time)
Online via Zoom
Stephen Porges Jan Winhall
Join us for an hour to ask Stephen Porges, creator of Polyvagal Theory, questions connected to trauma, addiction, our bodies and physiology.
Habay-La-Vieille, Belgium
Fiona Parr
Thinking at the Edge is embodied thinking. It’s the crossover between thinking and sensing in a Focusing way. It’s especially helpful if you have some writing or study that you want to do; some area of exploration where you already have some knowledge.
Evelyn Fendler-Lee with a cup of coffee
On February 5, 11:00 am - 01:00 pm EST (New York), we will discover the richness of a "...", highlight its potential, and deal with its obstacles.

- We will discover the many facets of a "..." and learn about its functions.
- We will explore different approaches to locating and maintaining a "..." so that it can be fully unlocked.

The Free Online Session is the first of 9 sessions of the 2022 series "Coffee with Gendlin - From Philosophy into Practice"
- You will receive a handout with the exercises from the session so that you can continue to experiment with a "..."
Ruth in Jerusalem
The Intermediate-Advanced comprehensive Online Program has been offered by the International Focusing Institute since 2014, and privately since 1995. Equivalent to Levels 3 and 4, the program features training in a small group (maximum 8 participants), a 102 page Training Manual, demos, group and individual exercises, and support in deepening and expanding your understanding and skills in Focusing as well as in sharing Focusing with others.
Vera Rolfine Fryd Felt Sensing path
This is the first course out of the 6 that together leads to the 60 hour Certificate of Felt Sensing and With Sensing (Focusing and Listening). You can sign up for only this introduction course, to get a taster, and decide afterwards if you want to do the rest.

In this course you will be supported in taking the first few steps of this wonderful process that gives you access to what you know, your inner voice, and to more compassion and self-compassion, openness and spaciousness, in encountering your own and others' inner world.
Online on Zoom - a link will be provided before the course starts
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019
PART 2 is about deepening into the Focusing and Listening process by looking more at the role of the Companion. A companion to ourselves as well as others. I introduce neuroscience here. We develop further our personal concept of creating an inner space that welcomes it all and adapting that space as we follow our process. Requires some previous partnership experience.

Class meets six times on Tuesdays 7-9pm EST beginning February 8.
Focusing Roundtables logo Andrew MacDonald Sue Burrell
In this Roundtable, we will use the image of the coracle on the high seas as a departure point for our investigation into how we can use our own stories, experiences, Focusing Presencing and the support of each other in connection as we navigate the high seas in this time of multiple transitions and upheavals.
Ann Weiser Cornell Jinevra Howard
Discover powerful skills for life change based on self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Start to experience the process of Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn how to cultivate an inner environment of calm, open, curious awareness which is the foundation from which lasting change emerges. Interactive beginning Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing) and Jinevra Howard.

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions.
Online via Zoom
Happy Jump Inner conflict Nailed to the ground
Designed for professionals working with children and young people of all ages-from toddlers to teenagers! Also open to parents, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning these skills. Most importantly it’s available for YOU!
Harriet & René: Being Seriously Playful! Children Focusing Listening space!
Topics Covered. Working with creative expression and non-verbal communication. we will learn the basic listening skills of Children’s Focusing.
The central goal is to achieve authentic contact and open connection through simple, structured exercises designed to support the process of re-connection with yourself and to articulate ways to transfer this authenticity into your everyday life with children and your roles as a parent, grandparent, therapist, or teacher.
from The Netherlands
Jan Winhall Gabor Mate Stephen Porges
Addiction treatment has been driven by a pathologizing model that leaves out the wisdom of the body in the healing journey. This forum will bring together leading experts who will share the evolving new paradigms based on cultural trends, scientific discoveries, recent research, new clinical approaches, and treatment center experiences.

This event will address aspects of managed care at treatment centers. It will present the inter-related treatment of trauma and addiction using bottom-up and top-down integrative approaches. Through our panelist presentations and discussions, clinicians, practitioners, professionals, and staffers can get the big picture and in-practice insights for treatment.

The Q&A segment will address today's pressing questions in our field.

This USABP Forum precedes the 2022 International Body Psychotherapy Journal Spring-Summer Issue (our international peer-reviewed journal) that will feature articles, research, book reviews, and more on addiction. Submissions for articles are accepted until February 1st.

This event is a USABP fundraiser.
USABP via Zoom
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course
Online - Suitable for American and European Time Zones

In this course, you will learn all the fundamentals of Focusing and you will be able to apply this remarkable process in your life as a self-help tool both for yourself and with a Focusing partner. It is also a great first step if you envision to further certify as a Focusing Professional.
After completion of this level 1-5 course, you are eligible for “Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award – PFPA”.
Children and Focusing Roundtables logo Joe Colletti Laura Bavalics René Veugelers
In this Roundtable, we would like to invite you to explore how using the Experiencing/Awareness Scale as a contextual modality can serve as a program design and delivery template. During our Roundtable, we will review the details of the Experiencing Scale and discuss its applications.
Annette Dubreuil Two butterflies, Focusing partnerships
In this four-week Focusing course, we learn the practice, include being a listener. We delve deeply into each of the 6 steps with each class including a teaching of one or two steps. Each class also includes listening skills, a small experiential exercise, and then small group practice (typically in twos or threes).

Dates for the next groups:
-Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm EDT, January 17-February 7 (Jan 17, 24, 31, & Feb 7)
-Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30 pm EDT, January 18-February 8 (Jan 18, 25 & Feb 1, 8)
-Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:30 pm EDT, February 23-March 16 (Feb 23, & Mar 2, 9, 16)
Annette Dubreuil timeline
Understanding who we are in an embodied way is a powerful way to grow our emotional regulation and emotional intelligence. When we know what it feels like in our bodies when we get scared, or mad, or are happy—or when more complicated patterns or parts emerge—then we can more quickly notice these shifts in our autonomic nervous system. This clarity helps us know when we need to self-soothe or reach out to others for co-regulation.

The class spends the first three weeks in the grounded parts, building a “safe nest” to do the deeper Focusing on our wounded and protector parts in weeks four to seven. As we map our parts, we also map out our timeline. At first with the key memories, and then with the parts that are connected to the memories. We finish the class by completing our timelines and noticing what additional insights emerge for us in being with the timeline.
Highlights logo Aston K McCullough
Following the Felt Sense often leads to a quality of contentment. . . and maybe even delight.

Gendlin teaches that we are one interaction, and he has shown that we may understand this principle in an embodied way. If we attend to the ‘outer’ world as a Focusing partner, as both a Listener and fellow Focuser, the reality of our one interaction becomes increasingly apparent. This Focusing Highlight explores the interplay between the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds.

This Highlight is intended for those already familiar with Focusing though all are welcome to attend. Participants will be invited to share, ask questions, and be part of a demonstration.
En línea
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019
Our goal here is to return to the essence of Focusing and ourselves as living process. I ask that participants are Focusing weekly with a partner at least one month before class begins and throughout our time together. There is a lot of reading, often more than you might choose to do. We touch on a variety of approaches to learn and practice Focusing. My Part 4 is a great place to return to whenever you would like to go deeper with your process from wherever it is. If you are interested in joining the Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change this September as a place to land for your certification process, this class would be excellent prep. Requires Part 3 or equivalent experience.

Meets eight times on Tuesdays, 7 - 9 pm New York time.
Online via Zoom
Amona Buechler Focusing Trainer Foucusing Skills Course Level 1-5
澄心技法國際認證 L1-5:
2022/03/01 ~ 2022/08/30(全部日期為週二)

7:00pm – 10:00pm (TWT)

※ 課程包含講解、示範、團體練習、問答,以及兩人一組的澄心練習(課程總時數60小時)。另外,團體課程之間至少一次的課外兩人練習,可以是面對面、電話或視訊進行。
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的澄心個案(60分鐘)
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的指導個案(60分鐘)
※ 另贈送與Amona一對一的督導個案(60分鐘)
This event is online
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019
This online entry level Focusing class prepares you to begin a Focusing partnership. It's also a great opportunity to review the basics of Self-in-Presence as a way of being that creates space for lasting change. This class can be your first step toward professional certification by completing Parts 1-4, then entering the ongoing Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change.

This Part 1 meets six times on Mondays 7 - 9 pm New York ET.
Online via Zoom
Karen Whalen, Instructor (Canada) Roberto Larios, Instructor (Mexico)
Using live experiential demonstrations viewed between classes, participants will safely awaken their implicit relational body wisdom. We explore and safely carry forward one's naturally occurring inner directed movements towards and away from intimate relating. We meet by-monthly and offer a 3-part professional development certification structure to carry forward learner needs and goals.
TIFI events logo Laura Bavalics René Veugelers Joan Van Heck
We are excited to gather online for "it Takes a Village...." Creating Connections. It is an opportunity for you to feel, to explore, to share, to deepen your Focusing wisdom and experiences! Our goal is to highlight the diversity and creativity in our Children's Focusing Community, by exploring the many ways we can support children and each other through Focusing and connections.
TAE am SEE Regina Jürgens Monika Catarina Lindner
Lerne die Denkbewegungen von "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE) kennen und entwickle eine Idee weiter, die dir am Herzen liegt.

Learn the thinking movements of "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE) and further develop an idea you care about.
Bildungshaus St. Martin am Starnberger See, Germany
Dr. Leslie Ellis Tree stump with eyes illustrating the aliveness of dream images
Take a deep dive into focusing-oriented dreamwork with like-minded participants and an expert guide. Learn how to work with dreams with confidence - for yourself and your clients.
Via Zoom. Link sent upon registration
Der hybride Rahmen
• Präsenz & Zoom
• Lange & kurze Einheiten
• Große Gruppe & kleine Gruppen
• Für Menschen, die in Wien wohnen oder auch weiter weg
• Verschiedene Focusing Leiterinnen
Live in Vienna (5 dates, once a month) and via Zoom in small groups
Ann Weiser Cornell
Want to watch as Ann Weiser Cornell guides someone through their very first Focusing session?

Focusing can be puzzling to talk about. It can be hard to learn from a book or a video. But when someone is actually taken through the process, you get it! Be present to observe as Ann guides three first-time Focusers (one each week) - and then comment afterward. The guest Focusers are volunteers who understand that their session will be witnessed by a safe and respectful group of people.
Online via Zoom
Greg Walkerden Jane Quayle
Felt understanding underpins all our saying and doing, as Gendlin demonstrates in 'Experiencing and the creation of meaning'. Focusing practice shows, though, that the thoroughness and sensitivity with which we let felt understanding shape our saying and doing varies greatly. This series of six workshops introduces you to practice experiments that you can use to explore how you listen and talk, where others' are coming from, and ways to shift conversational rhythms to create more space for everyone to dip into felt understanding as you think and talk together. 6 weeks for 2 hours, from mid February to the end of March.
Sara Bradly Judy Moore
An in-person course for just 6 participants. With two trainers and just six participants we are able to provide an exceptional holding experience that feels safe and supportive as you explore and deepen the practice of Focusing within your client work. The course explores Focusing and deep listening from the context of therapy and will give you the confidence to integrate it safely into your therapeutic work with clients. On passing the course, you will be eligible to receive a certificate in Focusing-Oriented Therapy from The International Focusing Institute, New York (TIFI).
Long Stratton, Norfolk, UK
The International Focusing Institute Events Logo darryl_commings Yao-Obiora-Dibia Gabrielle Hoffman
This conference has ended but post registrations are available through May 1, 2022. The recordings will be available through May 31, 2022.

The Third Felt Sense Conference
Honoring the work of Eugene T. Gendlin
"Embodied Liberation: the Felt Sense & Social Justice”

“We cannot be sure that Focusing will always undo imposed forms from society, but having a ‘political analysis’ can help us to see things and question things that we might not otherwise notice.”
-Eugene Gendlin

Let’s come together to explore the social change potency and potential of Focusing.
Ruth Moon garden Garden
The Focusing Basics Program designed and taught by Ruth Hirsch, an internationally recognized trainer with over 25 years experience teaching Focusing, this program is equivalent to Levels 1 and 2. The training includes 8 weekly class sessions, an introductory 1-1 Guided Focusing Session with the Trainer, a 136 page Manual, homework partnerships and email support between classes.

During these times when the world and our place in it might feel uncertain, Focusing offers you a straight-forward way to find inner peace and meaning through connecting more deeply with yourself and each other.

With ample personal attention in a small group setting (maximum 8 participants), you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of Focusing. You'll also acquire the skills and ability to use this remarkable process in your life, both by yourself and with a partner.

During this time when the world and our place in it might feel uncertain, the process of learning Focusing offers you the ability to connect with your self and each other in a deeper more meaningful way.

Learning Focusing will allow you to make decisions that you feel good about, have more vitality in your life, connect more fully with yourself and your spirituality, improve your relationship with yourself and others, learn how to work with the inner critic- in general, learning Focusing will positively affect all aspects of your life!

This program is also suitable as a first step for professionals in learning Focusing for use with clients.
PCPSI logo Jan Winhall, poster image 2
Our current model of understanding addiction as a brain disease is failing. Rates are soaring and people are dying in the streets. We desperately need a fresh approach. One that addresses addiction and other trauma responses where they live, in the body. In this workshop we will explore the intersection of trauma and addiction and how to address both with an embodied approach.

The Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ (FSPM) shifts the current pathologizing paradigm to a strength-based approach. Through the lens of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal theory, addiction is seen as an adaptive stress response in our autonomic nervous system. Addictive behaviors are the body’s attempt to emotionally regulate by acting as propellers that facilitate neurophysiological shifts in our nervous system. The model integrates Porges Polyvagal theory and Gendlin’s Felt Sense Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy enabling us to appreciate trauma/addictive behaviors as adaptive responses in maladaptive environments. The FSPM provides a generic framework that can support any therapeutic modality.

The webinar series will present an introduction to Jan’s book Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model. Included is a detailed description of the FSPM theoretical framework, an introduction to The Embodied Assessment and Treatment Tool™ and Carnes Three Circle Practice, a tool for working with addiction. Participants will also learn about Gendlin’s Focusing/Felt Sense practice. A mixture of didactic information, experiential practices, demonstrations, and case examples will guide the clinician in applying the model. This course will be informative for those new to the field of trauma/addiction as well as seasoned practitioners.
French International 2022 Logo
Focusing: 29th International Conference - France 2022
22nd-26th June 2022 – Lou Capitelle & Spa – Vogüé (Ardèche) – France

The French Focusing Community is making everything ready for us all to be together in June 2022. IFEF (Institut de Focusing d'Europe Francophone) has been organizing summer schools each year in France for many years. Now they are ready to share their vibrant community with the world. All workshops will be in French and English.

Registration is now open.
Proposals due by February 28.
Early bird rates have been extended through February 28!

We can't wait to be together.

Vivement Juin 2022!
Beautiful Ardeche, France, at Lou Capitelle and Spa
homepage conference website
The theme is inspired by the simple, yet fundamental question which Carl Rogers asked himself: “How can I be of help?” It is a question we think is of interest for person centered and experiential (PCE) practitioners and researchers, as well as more broadly in the world of psychotherapy. A question we find it worthwhile revisiting in order to explore what answers may be found today.
Being Seriously Playful! Harriet &  René Our symbols inner & outer connections
Children Focusing provides adults with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows them to be with ~ and work with children,
using the tools, techniques and inherently gentle, playful approach of Focusing.

The Netherlands
Monika Catarina Lindner TAE am SEE
There is something you would love to realize and make it part of your life or contribute it to the world? Develop your ideas with the movements of TAE.
Bernried am Starnberger See
CH pic
In the first-year students learn the core essentials of focusing guiding and how to help their client’s ‘go inside’ to find, open, and move forward a felt sense, leading to transformation and lasting change.
In the second-year students learn how to weave the guiding they learnt in the first year seamlessly into the more fluid and improvisational style of a therapeutic conversation. In addition, we learn how to work with the ‘one interaction’ that we are together by using the felt sense of the relationship (the felt sense of the ‘I’, of the ‘You’, & of the ‘Us’) to move the interaction and the client forward. We further learn how to be ‘the interaction that makes it better’ which is the concept and practice that Eugene Gendlin talked about being the center of his work with clients.
Two-Year Online Focusing Certification