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Upcoming Courses, and Ongoing Groups and Services

Please note: Listings on this page are either events organized by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI), or are offered independently by Certified Focusing Professionals.  Those organized by TIFI will have one of TIFI’s logos.

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Language of Instruction
- Australia Eastern Standard Time
Marie Connors Focusing Foundations Training Level 3 &4
Focusing offers a rich potential for change. It opens a doorway to a space where it is possible to transform your life in a way that feels right for you. Focusing is a practice everyone can learn without undertaking years of professional development or going to see a therapist. With a little training, you can learn to access the space beyond your thoughts to find the "more" that is happening in any situation. When we are in contact with our direct experience of the “more”, small steps of change begin to emerge, and this can lead us on to fresh life-giving directions. The wonderful thing is that when you learn focusing you can use it whenever you need it for the rest of your life.

Foundations in Focusing Level 1 & 2 is a prerequisite to this course.

Online- Zoom
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- Eastern Time
tinted gold Headshot of a woman with brown hair wearing a business jacket logo of hand drawn circles and the text focusing with laura in blue beside it
You are invited to become a part of our group as we learn the Inner Relationship Focusing process. In this live virtual nine-week course, you will acquire the skills necessary for cultivating radical lasting life change.

At our core, we are dedicated to cultivating close-knit classroom settings that prioritise immersive, experiential education. Say goodbye to silently staring at screens! We'll methodically practice the art of Focusing together. Our curriculum includes informative lectures, illustrative demonstrations, interactive Q&As, thought-provoking activities, and collaborative partner exercises.
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate

- Pacific Time
Wendi Maurer, Ph.D.
Would you like to help therapists be their best while living in war? Join me once a week on Zoom, as we discover healthy ways to support our fellow helpers living in a war-zone. I will offer constructive concepts and easy exercises for you to offer to others, thus helping them return to some relief and broaden their power for self-care and creativity.

Focusing Netzwerk Humnboldthaus auf dem Achberg
Die Focusing Wochen auf dem Achberg sind seit über drei Jahrzehnten ein alljährlicher Treffpunkt für Focusing-Interessierte aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich. Die Wochen beginnen mit einem Auftaktseminar, das in diesem Jahr von Teresa Dawson zu "Umweltzentriertes Erleben" gestaltet wird. Es schließen sich Tage mit mehreren parallel laufenden Focusing-Kursen und Themenseminaren an.

Humboldthaus auf dem Achberg
- Clases principales de jueves a domingo. El miércoles habrá reuniones opcionales de bienvenida y orientación.
Academia de Focusing The International Focusing Institute Event
Esta Academia en línea le permitirá sumergirse en una Clase Principal introductoria de Focusing así como conocer a otros profesores de Focusing a través de una variedad de talleres independientes ofrecidos por profesores de todo el mundo. Este evento está orientado tanto a principiantes como a enfocadores experimentados que disfrutarían de la oportunidad de empezar de nuevo. La Academia también es una gran oportunidad para los nuevos profesores de Focusing o para aquellos que regresan a la enseñanza en busca de una nueva perspectiva.

Procedente del trabajo de Eugene Gendlin, el Focusing es una práctica de autorreflexión experiencial, encarnada y basada en evidencia. Durante el Focusing, tu atención se abrirá a múltiples capas y aspectos de la vida.

Las clases
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Other, The Focusing Institute (TIFI) Events
- Eastern Time, New York, USA
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019 Learning Community Training Program Open House
Looking for a community to continue exploring new edges of how change unfolds within, among and around us?

Join us for an open house with both teachers and current Learning Community members to learn more about our approach to living Gendlin's concept of "crossing" in a supportive community setting.

Join us if you have, or are considering, a vocational path that brings you together with others in situations of facilitating change. This could be 1:1 or with groups.
Advanced and already certified Focusers welcome.

Online via Zoom
Topic: Introductory, Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Certification
Fotografía de Salvador Moreno López Fotografía de Helena Ortiz Cassaigne
Revisaremos cuatro tipos de vías de entrada para ir precisando, experiencialmente, algunos criterios orientadores de cuándo, cómo y para qué utilizar esas vías de entrada.
Topic: FOT
- Eastern Time, New York, USA
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019 Creating Space for Lasting Change Open House
Curious about this concept of Creating Space?
Or possibly how I weave Inner Relationship Focusing, Spatial Awareness and Neuroscience to strengthen our ability to recognize our current state of being?
Where does spirituality, soul connection, or your relationship to a higher power fit in here?

Creating Space for Lasting Change Parts 1-4 is a 15-month basic skills training program for coaches, body workers, therapists, teachers and anyone interested in improving their inner and outer relational skills. You can start with Part 1 and decide from there.
If you are curious or have questions, come on by.
We'd love to meet you!

Online via Zoom
Topic: Introductory, Beginners-Intermediate
- Pacific standard time
Jeffrey focusing with his students Training program flyer
Join us for an open house filled with previous graduates to learn more about Jeffrey's 60 CEU Focusing-Oriented Therapy Training program. We will answer any questions you have and share how this work is being applied in a variety of professions. Open to therapists, healing professionals, and spiritual seekers alike!

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
students sitting with Jeffrey flyer for program
Have you been curious about taking a Focusing-Oriented Therapy Training Program?

Would you like to see if this training program is for you and how you might apply it to your field?

Are you looking for something to help bring you closer to yourself and others?

If so, we invite you to join our *free* upcoming open house filled with previous graduates sharing their experiences and answering questions about Jeffrey Morrison's Focusing Oriented Therapy Training Program.

We will also be sharing how this work is being applied to various professions (and how it might be applied to yours!) and what personal shifts we have noticed since deep diving into this work with Jeffrey. Open to therapists, healing professionals, and

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- Paris
Alexandre Jacquelin Sonia Zuccato Cercle Focusing
Les Compagnons Focusing est un groupe permanent d’approfondissement et de pratique en partenariat de l’écoute en Focusing.
Topic: Intermediate/Advanced
Start: Kurs 1 26.08.2024
Start Kurs 2 : 28.09.2024

Munich Germany
- France Dordogne Payzac (24270)
Ecoute Focusing Alexandre Jacquelin Sonia Zuccato
On ne se forme pas à Être, on y revient par soi-même. Ce parcours est un processus progressif, psychocorporel, dans la transformation organique et la croissance mutuelle. Le processus de la présence ne s’active pas par les biais habituels du mental, du savoir et du vouloir. Il est permis par la qualité de notre relation à notre organisme dans son ensemble et par le grandissement de la conscience de soi, qui se découvre, s’installe et grandie singulièrement au fur et à mesure. Ainsi les parcours proposent des rendez-vous pratiques hebdomadaires toute l’année. Ceci permet d’accompagner le processus progressif, d’instaurer une routine vertueuse dans votre agenda, d’entretenir et d’approfondir votre pratique.
- Eastern Standard Time
Wendi Maurer, Ph.D.
Be ready to enjoy what Gendlin says from a new point of view — with discussions, TAE, Focusing, guest presenters, surprising exercises, and sweet inner contemplation. Most featured quotes will be taken from his interviews and writings that you may have never contemplated before.
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
- Eastern Time, New York, USA
Sandy Jahmi Burg 2019 Creating Space for Lasting Change, Part 2, Expand your relational skills
PART 2 is about deepening into the Focusing and Listening process by looking more at the role of the Companion. A companion to ourselves as well as others. I introduce neuroscience here. We develop further our personal concept of creating an inner space that welcomes it all and adapting that space as we follow our process. Requires some previous partnership experience.

Class meets six times on Tuesdays 7-9pm EST beginning September 3.

Online via Zoom
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- US Eastern
Beatrice Blake, TAE Mentor TAE Prociency Award eligible
Is there something that you’d like to do or write about but you lack the confidence to begin? TAE helps you sense into the “more” behind your ideas so that you can write and act from what you know.

Do you long to contribute to the world from the richness of the insights life has given you? With TAE, you delve into your own experience so that your new direction follows from of all you have lived.

Maybe you need clarity and next steps about a persistent problem or a complex issue. Thinking at the Edge helps you find the unique gifts within the challenges you face.
Topic: TAE/Philosophy
- Eastern (New York Time)
Annette Dubreuil timeline
Understanding who we are in an embodied way is a powerful way to grow our emotional regulation and emotional intelligence. When we know what it feels like in our bodies when we get scared, or mad, or are happy—or when more complicated patterns or parts emerge—then we can more quickly notice these shifts in our autonomic nervous system. This clarity helps us know when we need to self-soothe or reach out to others for co-regulation.

The class spends the first three weeks in the grounded parts, building a “safe nest” to do the deeper Focusing on our wounded and protector parts in weeks four to seven. As we map our parts, we also map out our timeline. At first with the key memories, and then with the parts that are connected to the memories. We finish the class by completing

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, FOT
- Eastern Time
Headshot of a woman with a business jacket and it's tinted gold Image with blue circles as a logo and the words Focusing With Laura
You are invited to continue learning and unpacking the depths of the Inner Relationship Focusing process. This live virtual nine-week course, gives you the necessary time and space to integrate and apply your skills and knowledge gained in Foundations Training Part 1 (Levels 1 & 2).

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- UK Time
Yehudit First Social Oriented Focusing (SOF) London Focusing
In this in-person 2-day workshop in London UK, Yehudit will guide us on an SOF journey of discovery from separation/isolation to genuine connection. Within a safe group setting, we will learn ways to express what is often left unspoken by creating conditions for felt conversation, fostering deep connection and healing.

London, United Kingdom
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate