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Please note: Listings on this page are either events organized by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI), or are offered independently by Certified Focusing Professionals.  Those organized by TIFI will have one of TIFI’s logos.

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Would you benefit from a dedicated space to renew and reflect?

As we enter the time of loving others, may we have dedicated space to connect to deep self-connection and love for ourselves. We invite you to join us in tuning inward, away from distractions, and re-engaging with your inner self more profoundly. We will explore clearing a space, background feelings, and how we might bring this awareness in this upcoming season.

Open to all healing professionals and anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding and application of Clearing a Space.
Monika Catarina Lindner Annette Francesca Dubreuil
The course is an opportunity to spend time with your wanting or project to integrate Focusing into your life—whether personally or professionally—in both an embodied and more than logical way. Like being in contact with a yet undiscovered treasure box. With FOCUSING, a practice laid out by philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene T. Gendlin, you will get in touch with your Felt Sense and be able to develop surprisingly fresh understandings that make a difference, especially in how you are with your special project or issue. By adding certain moves of THINKING AT THE EDGE (TAE), another practice Gendlin created, with Mary Hendricks and Kye Nelson, we will show you how you can speak more and more precisely from your Felt Sense. In doing so, you will discover important details by redefining key terms, becoming aware of paradoxes or clarifying the richness of your lived experience.
Jinevra Howard Ann Weiser Cornell
Discover powerful skills for life change based on self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Start to experience the process of Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn how to cultivate an inner environment of calm, open, curious awareness which is the foundation from which lasting change emerges. Interactive beginning Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Jinevra Howard and Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing).

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions.
Online via Zoom
Ann Weiser Cornell
As these uncertain times continue to challenge us in unprecedented ways, our need for connection and emotional support is greater than ever.

This is a 30-minute free webinar (with Ann Weiser Cornell) with warm, positive tips for emotional self-care in these challenging times. Each month is different as Ann responds to the present moment and whatever the group is bringing.

Our hope is that you’ll leave the webinar with a greater sense of resilience and some relief from the stressful feelings you might be having. And that you’ll know you are not alone.
Grupo de lectura
Leemos “Focusing: Técnica y Proceso del enfoque corporal” de Gendlin. Estudiamos la Sensación Sentida, la Teoría polivagal y la filosofía de lo implícito.
Amona Buechler, Focusing Trainer Focusing Skills Course Level 1-5
Relate to yourself and others with freshness, emotional intelligence, and an open heart.

During this safe and gentle process:

> you listen to yourself and others with every cell of your body, with your whole being, and a deep acceptance
> you allow yourself to be seen while being authentically yourself
> you express yourself honestly, yet skillfully and respectfully
> you listen without judgment as you deeply tune into another person’s experience
> where you may have felt stuck, your life changes for the better as you experience a natural flow again

6-month Level 1 to 5 Focusing Skills Course for Focusing Partnerships, Mondays, Feb 19 to Aug 12, 2024

Time listed in EST Eastern Standard Time. Suitable for American and European time zones.
Amona Buechler - Coordinator in Training Become a Focusing Professional/Trainer
Learn to:

> Offer one-to-one Focusing sessions to people who are new to Focusing
> Integrate Focusing into your professional field as a therapist, bodyworker, teacher...
> Teach Focusing to individuals and groups (and offer the PFP-Award) so your students can join the worldwide Focusing Partnership network
> Naturally weave aspects of Focusing into all of your daily interactions

At the end of the training, you will hold the Focusing Professional Certificate/Focusing Trainer Certificate

The training will begin February 18, 2024. Training times will allow those in America and Europe to join.

Sunday, February 18, 2024, at 9:00 am EST
René Veugelers Focusing Dinámico Expresivo
Te invitamos a una Masterclass sobre escucha experiencial con niños y recursos en Focusing infantil y adolescentes con profundización en la conciencia corporal por René Veugelers con traducción simultanea al español por Florentina Sassoli.
En línea
DePaul University logo University of Iceland Universititat Koblenz Kansai University
PAST EVENT (September 28 - October 1, 2023)- Registration for the recordings for The Gendlin Symposium will remain open through February 1, 2024 as the recordings remain accessible through February 15, 2024.
Online (will also be recorded)
Felt Sensing-vei Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo
Get to know the wonderful process of Felt Sensing, (Focusing), that gives you access to what you know, your inner voice, and to more compassion and self-compassion, openness and spaciousness, in encountering your own and others' inner world.
The course is online and runs in the evening, Central European (Summer) Time.
Online on Zoom - a link will be provided before the course starts
Please join us for four classes to learn more about Focusing and to deepen your Focusing practice. We explore different aspects of Focusing through discussion, experiential exercises, and Focusing partnerships.
Amona Buechler, Coordinator in Training Focusing Skills Course Level 1-5
The free 20-minute one-on-one informal meetings will take place on Monday, Feb 12, 2024.

The 6-month Level 1-5 Focusing Skills Course runs from Monday, Feb 19 to Aug 12, 2024.
An open, free, online space for people to connect with others around Focusing and experience Focusing exchanges.
Charlotte Howorth, LCSW
One hour Q & A meeting with Charlotte Howorth. Charlotte will take you through the contents and format of her one-year course leaving time for your questions.
Trainer's photo
This program takes place on one Saturday per month, online. The specific dates are determined by the group, up to 6 months in advance.  Each 1-day training runs from 9 am to 3 pm (Pacific Time), at a cost of $200 plus GST (total $210 Cdn) per workshop.   Counselling professionals are welcome to attend single modules or the whole  2-year series, and may become certified as a "Focusing Oriented Therapist" (FOT), upon completion of certain criteria
Full of lightness
Je (her)ontdekt en verdiept jouw ervaring met de wijsheid van het lichaam.
De kracht van Focusing: Verrijkend en Verdiepend, een 2-daagse vol, inspiratie, verbinding, ontmoeting en verdieping. van 11 tot 17 in Amersfoort
LIFE in Amersfoort
Deep Thinking
The information session will introduce the course "Thought-Movements with the Felt Sense" as part of a two-year Training & Certification Program called "Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts Forward".
Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting
Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo Focusing-vei
Her blir du kjent med denne selv-empatiske praksisen som gir deg tilgang til det du vet, til din egen indre stemme, og til mer medfølelse og selv-medfølelse, trygghet og romslighet i møte med egne og andres følelser.
Du blir også introdusert for gjensidig Sensingpartnerskap (Focusing-partnerskap)
Online på Zoom - du vil få tilsendt lenke ved kursstart
Alex Lake Mt Subasio Umbrian Landscape
This is an online event, 5 weekly sessions on Zoom. This is 19.00 - 21.00 CET. We will be using Wholebody Experiential Focusing skills to deepen our inner relationship with our inner parts, and our outer relationship with our partners. There will be a final residential workshop in Assisi, Italy in June 2024. You can count this workshop as part of your training to be a Focusing Trainer with the TFI.
In many relationships there may be a lot of compatibility and attraction but there are certain topics that just become taboo. They are simply too difficult to talk about because of the accumulated emotions and memories. Couples become emotionally reactive and cannot discuss reasonably, because they are fixing blame and inwardly nurturing resentment.
And yet, it is precisely by exploring these issues, using Focusing skills and having the courage to be authentic and vulnerable that fertile areas for love and intimacy are opened up. If couples can develop the courage to communicate with “Radical Authenticity” - exploring with curiosity, openness and compassion, something magical can start to happen. By being authentic and using Focusing tools to stay in an energetic connection something unexpected and perfect happens. A new insight comes that allows the Focuser to pause, to stop blaming self or others and then to take self-responsibility for the little bit that he/she is responsible for. This is the doorway into real growth and change that will transform the relationship.

Reading Freshly Member Benefit The International Focusing Institute Event
Reading Freshly
This session starts at Part Two, Focusing, Chapter 4, at the paragraph that is entitled, The Story of a "Trivial Problem"
Newcomers welcome each month!
An opportunity to read Gendlin’s seminal book Focusing with others
A Free Event for Members
Live (no recording)
Once a month on Tuesday - fourth session January 9, 2023