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Focusing 101 Workshop

Get an overview of Gendlin's classic Focusing: learn the 6 steps, watch a demonstration, and practice in breakout rooms

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Annette Dubreuil

Annette Dubreuil, Coordinator-in-Training & MBA

Where & When

Online via Zoom
Monday, March 4, 9-11 am
Eastern Time (New York Time)

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Online via Zoom

Meeting Format

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn Gendlin's classic 6 Steps of Focusing. 

  1. Clearing a Space (getting ready to Focus)

  2. Getting a Felt Sense (physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and memories)

  3. Finding a Handle (a word, phrase or image that gets to the crux of our felt sense)

  4. Resonating (ensuring the handle and felt sense match just right)

  5. Asking (asking the body a few questions and noticing how it answers)

  6. Receiving (welcoming what comes and thanking the body)

This is a group workshop delivered on zoom. There will be a Focusing demonstration (demo). And you will have the opportunity to experience Focusing for a 20-minute turn, as well as a listening turn in breakout groups. We will delve into the 6 steps of Focusing, different options for listening, and get your Focusing questions answered. Jan Winhall's Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ is also covered as I teach in a polyvagal- and trauma-informed way.

You will receive a handout of the 6 steps of Focusing and body cards to record your experience.

Workshops size: There are between 6 and 16 participants per workshop

Next sessions (pick one 2-hour session to attend):

  • Monday, March 4th, 9-11 am Eastern

What People Are Saying

“Great! This two-hour workshop gave me exactly what I wanted, which was a deeper understanding of the process and more importantly seeing it in action. Nothing beats having a direct experience. Thank you, Annette, for your knowledge, patience and kindness.”
–Alan Ross, Psychotherapist, UK

"I had a wonderful experience observing how you listen during the demonstration, and the words and intonation you speak. After that, my Focusing that I'm doing alone has changed. It is hard to explain but after our one-on-one session and workshop I internalized your voice and intonation, and now when I'm focusing alone it helps me move forward."
–Roman Matsaienko, Ukraine

“The Focusing 101 Workshop gave me an invaluable tool to use in my practice. Feelings and associations that were lurking under the surface for years were finally able to emerge when I used the focusing practice I learned with Annette in this simple 2 hour course. I'd been looking for a way to "bring out" people's felt sense in sessions, but somehow I often felt the opportunity slip through my fingers during sessions. Now, when I sense that there's something that my client needs to "feel" into his or her awareness, I have a script with prompts, concrete ideas of questions to ask and an understanding of a unique form of listening, and something amazing emerges almost every time.”
–Esther M, New York

“Having taken part in Annettes' 101 Workshop I felt that this helped me deepen my understanding of the process and practice of Focusing. I liked the way Annette gave us enough information and allowed and encouraged us to experience the practice too. For me this was just the right balance and I really enjoyed being part of this group learning.

I feel confident in recommending these workshops to anyone who has just begun their investigation into the value of Focusing and anyone who may be further on their path and needs to progress with guidance and support in a friendly and open group.

Thanks Annette, I really appreciate your caring guidance and support.”
–Mark This. Facilitator. UK.


Annette Dubreuil, [email protected]

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