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Bebe Simon's Online Archive Preview
Bebe Simon

September 2022

It was about five years ago when our beloved Bebe Simon packed up and moved from her private home to the retirement community of Belmont Village in Chicago. At the time, I happened to be visiting her from New Jersey and I asked, “What do you want to do with all your Focusing papers?”

Bebe said, “You take them!”

International Focusing Conference / Conférence Internationale de Focusing 2022

July / August 2022

A Celebration, a Much-Appreciated Reunion

Conférence Internationale de Focusing à Vogüé en Ardèche Une célébration, des retrouvailles bien appréciées … 

Par Michèle Jodoin, Coordonnatrice en formation (Canada) / By Michèle Jodoin

Le focusing est un trésor, un cadeau reçu il y a 14 ans et que j’ai tout de suite partagé avec Joie. Au mois de juin 2022, j’ai eu le bonheur de participer pour la première fois, à une conférence internationale de Focusing. 

Focusing is a treasure – a gift received 14 years ago that I joyfully share with others. In June 2022, I had the pleasure of participating for the first time in an International Focusing Conference. 

Juneteenth: A Letter by Darryl Commings

June 2022

In the United States, Juneteenth recently became a national holiday. It commemorates the day that enslaved people in Texas learned that they had been declared legally free two years earlier and yet had remained captive. Though this holiday is specifically American, its themes are universal. TIFI Board member, Darryl Commings, reflects on the crossing of the themes of liberation and bondage with the ethos of Focusing.

From Law to Focusing: An Interview with Susan Lennox by Sarah Paul
Susan Lennox

June 2022

Susan Lennox is a founding member of the TIFI Membership Committee, where she has been coordinating the Roundtables for many years. In 2022, she relinquished that role to dedicate more time to her psychotherapy and coaching practice, and creative projects. From her home near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, she talked to me about her experience of helping to build a thriving international community for Focusers, and how she integrates Focusing into her work and creative life.

“It Takes a Village...” Creating Connections at the Children’s Focusing Conference

May 2022

In March, we held our Children & Focusing conference, “It Takes a Village... Creating Connections.” The conference was wonderful and inspiring, with about 150 participants from 30 different countries. Together we met, shared, and deepened our experience around Children and Focusing and as an advisory team, want to take this opportunity to give our reflection on this unique event.