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Serendipity, Social Transformation, The Great Big Everything, and Giving Gene a Haircut
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July 17, 2024

Dawn Flynn talks with Joan Klagsbrun about her touching experiences with Eugene Gendlin, and how she integrates Focusing with positive psychology and positive aging.

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Board Update July 2024
Board Update

July 10, 2024

The latest news from the Board, including hellos, goodbyes, a bit about how new members are chosen, and approval of the ILC’s new Governing Document. (See Japanese translation here

Did You Know ...
Did You Know

July 3, 2024

In this edition of Did You Know..., rediscover one of our most valued benefits for members: a complete collection of The Folio - a Journal for Focusing and Experiential Therapy from 1981 to 2016.


Milestones June 2024

Milestones June 2024: 

We are happy to congratulate 1 new Coordinator, 2 new Coordinators-in-Training (CiT's), 13 new Certified Focusing Professionals (including Trainers and Focusing-Oriented Therapists) and 1 new Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) recipient. Those listed are as of May 31, 2024. Congratulations to each of them on their achievement. We wish them all the very best in their ongoing endeavors!