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Good Morning Heartache: Insights on Focusing and Jazz
Focusing and Jazz

by Karen Carmeli; edited by Akira Ikemi

Focusing is a method that helps us focus on “this thing” that keeps us occupied and bothers us on a daily basis. We would like to find a way out of the tangle and relieve the tension that has accumulated due to "this thing."

In Focusing, you focus on "this thing" which is called felt sense: a feeling that is often difficult to describe in words. It is mainly an experience - a general or specific feeling in the body or in the atmosphere. It is a feeling that is alive and dynamic and full of layers and meanings that, only if we pay attention to it and really agree to experience it and attempt to say it, can it become a resource, a driving force and a change maker. <READ MORE>

In Fond Memory of Lucy Rietveld Bowers, 1943-2023
Lucy and Gene

by Barbara Dickinson

First, thank you to TIFI for the privilege of attempting to pay tribute to Lucy Rietveld Bowers. Lucy contributed so much to our global Focusing community, and to each and every one she met. How can anyone possibly do justice to her? 

Lucy and I met in the Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) of 2010. We only spent a little time together, but had several conversations thereafter, which I remember as always deep and meaningful. Lucy is known to so many people through her teaching, her writing, her innovations, her love of all things Focusing, and most of all her joyful spirit. <READ MORE>

A Tribute to Bala Jaison by Paula Nowick

"... the most wonderful part of Bala was her generous Focusing approach..."

Bala Jaison died on March 7, 2023 after a lifetime devoted to championing Focusing by teaching, writing, editing, and helping others in her Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy practice.

In the 1980s, she had started a small newsletter with a few articles written by her colleagues who were exploring a fascinating philosophy proposed by Eugene Gendlin. She typed, mimeographed, stapled, and offered the few pages to the young  Focusing community in Chicago



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