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Therapist on the Edge - The Experience of Corrective Supervision
Ireneusz Kaczmarczyk

November 2021

by Ireneusz Kaczmarczyk

In 2001, a grroup of respresentatives of different psychotherapeutical approaches led by psychology professor L. Castonguay and professor C. Hill held the first of conferences at Penn State to delineate the characteristics of "good therapists". One of the conferences was devoted to corrective experiences.

Exciting New Research on Focusing

August 2021

In 2019, Siebrecht Vanhooren of KU University Leuven was the first recipient of the Gendlin Grant, funded by your donations 

By making a regular daily practice of checking in with your bodily felt sense of the various life situations you encounter allowing this felt sense to guide your decisions, you are more likely to experience satisfaction with life and less likely to experience distress and existential anxiety. Such are the conclusions supported by a recent study that surveyed 385 Dutch-speaking participants about their experience with Focusing.

Gene Gendlin

May 2021

The Executive Board of the APA have unanimously voted to present Dr Gendlin the 2020-2021 Memorial Award for

Lifetime Achievement: given to an individual in recognition of distinguished lifetime contributions to humanistic psychology.

Conversation with Serge Prengel
Serge Prengel

March 2021

Here, Serge talks about thinking as a mindful, contemplative process. First, he describes the three stages of the process as he sees them. This takes just a couple of minutes. Then he goes at much greater length into a specific example of him going through this process. 

by Serge Prengel.

Thinking At The Edge And Working On Hope In Hong Kong

February 2021

2020 was a difficult year for people all around world. It was especially difficult for the people in Hong Kong who were not only burdened by the pandemic, but by acute political crises as well. Many are considering leaving the city. Pessimistic sentiments are widespread. Occasionally, people cheer each other up with words of hope - “We shall overcome,” some say. But more find it difficult to swallow the continued decay of the city.

by Eric Kit-wai Ma.