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Philosophy Articles

Articles by Authors other than Gendlin

* To see articles by Gendlin please go to the Gendlin Online Library

Papers written for Eugene Gendlin's memorial service (August 12, 2017) by Neil Dunaetz, Yoshiko Kosaka, William Potocnik, and Alessandro Rossi (scroll down to the section entitled Symposium on Carrying Forward Gene's Legacy in Philosophy) (NO)

First-Applying: An Experiential Approach to Reading Gendlin’s A Process Model by Neil Dunaetz

Language Process Notes by Harbert Rice (NO) 

Paraphrasing Eugene Gendlin in A Process Model by Edgardo Riveros. Translated by María Jesús Lillo [Word Doc] [PDF]

Parafraseando a Eugene Gendlin en Un Modelo Procesal por Edgardo Riveros [PDF

How I Read the Structure of the PM Text: What is a 'Kind' of Process?  by Greg Walkerden

How to use some of the basic PM concepts in Thinking at the Edge by Greg Walkerden    [PDF]

Meaning and Space: Reflections on "Now, In This Space, 'I' am Facing Something" by Yasushi Kuba [PDF]

Crossing Some Eastern Concepts With The Implicit and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT): Murasato’s Theory of the Co-Grounding of Art, Life, and Mental Illness by Tadayuki Murasato, Satoko Tokumaru, Yoshihiko Morotomi, Hiroki Sakuramoto, Kumie Osako, Yasuhiro Suetake [PDF]

Introduction à la lecture de l'article de Gendlin : "La primauté du corps et non la primauté de la perception"by Pierre Vermersch  [PDF]

Worüber man nicht sprechen kann, darüber kann man sprechen lernen: ein Vergleich zwischen Jacob Böhme und Gene Gendlin, Donata Schoeller [PDF]

Thinking Changes Stanley Cavell and Eugene Gendlin by Donata Schoeller [PDF]

Kleine Einführung in das Buch „Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning“ (ECM) von Gene Gendlin von Campbell Purton. englischer Text unter: [PDF]
Übersetzung von Christiane Geiser [PDF]

Ein kleiner Leitfaden durch „Ein Prozessmodell“ (PM) von Gene Gendlin von Campbell Purton in: The Folio: A Journal for Focusing and Experiential Therapy. Vol 19, No. 12 (2000- 2004), pp. 112-120. A Brief Guide to A Process Model Download:
Übersetzt von Christiane Geiser  [PDF]