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ILC Update August 2023

An update from the ILC on continuing work toward clarifying the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between the ILC and larger Focusing community, plus information on upcoming discussion sessions for Coordinators. (Japanese translation here

Milestones August 2023

Milestones August 2023: Check out our new Coordinators, Trainers and more! 

We are happy to congratulate a new Coordinator (CC), 11 new Certified Focusing Professionals (including Trainers and Focusing-Oriented Therapists) and 11 new Proficiency in Partnership (PFP) recipients. Congratulations to each of them on their achievement. Those listed are as of July 31, 2023.  We wish them all the very best in their ongoing endeavors!

The Development of Focusing in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong circa 2008

Nada Lou Shares Her Experiences

Nada is a TIFI Coordinator, a long-time teacher of Focusing and Thinking at the Edge (TAE) and filmed many of Gene Gendlin's workshops, where she got to know him and his work well.  Here, Nada tells her story of bringing Focusing to Hong Kong and shares how the relationships she formed allowed it to grow and flourish.


2023 Weeklong Review by Tom Larkin
Weeklong 2023

As I sat looking at a blank document on my laptop preparing to write my thoughts on the 2023 Focusing Weeklong, I took a few moments to let the whole experience flow through me. An image of a small mountain stream came, effervescent and unbounded. The image unfolded, joining and merging with other streams, flowing together, expanding and becoming a river until it flowed into an ocean – the water that connects all our lands.

Board Update - July 2023
TIfi Board

Our weekly In Focus News Feed replaces the bi-monthly In Focus Newsletters. The first Wednesday of each month will be the Board Update. This month, Nelle shares about the meeting held with Coordinators to discuss solutions to the challenges of automated translation, plus some notes about the Board's July meeting.

(See Japanese translation 理事会最新情報 2023 年 7 月: PDF)