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Upcoming Courses, and Ongoing Groups and Services

Please note: Listings on this page are either events organized by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI), or are offered independently by Certified Focusing Professionals.  Those organized by TIFI will have one of TIFI’s logos.

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- Eastern Time
Beth Mahler Week 1 Eco-Map
This will be a 3 part practice session with psychoeducational components in Neuroscience & the Biopsychosocial model of Family Systems Theory. Its foundations are based in combining the concepts of Rupture & Repair in the family lifecycle, Focusing Oriented Art Therapy, and A Process Model. This workshop is intended for all who have a basic knowledge in Focusing and who want to dive deeper.

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Topic: Other
- Hora del Este, Nueva York
Mesa Redondas The International Focusing Institute Suzanne Noel and Natalia Calvino Salvador Moreno and Florentina Sassoli
Evento Especial! Las Mesas Redondas suelen ser un evento para miembros del Instituto Internacional de Focusing (TIFI). En este caso queremos abrirla a toda la comunidad para darle la oportunidad de que experiencie la potencia sanadora del Focusing. Queremos invitarlo a esta atractiva Mesa Redonda que tratará acerca del Focusing y sus beneficios en procesos de sanación, anunciando también la próxima Academia de Focusing con Suzanne Noel, Salvador Moreno y Naty Calviño.

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Other, The Focusing Institute (TIFI) Events
- Eastern Time, New York, USA
Smartview Conversations, Living a Focusing Way of Life Sandy Jahmi Burg, 2019
Smartview Conversations is a monthly online gathering to explore application of our Focusing skills to daily life and interactions. Our skill emphasis for 2024 is the Power of AND, how we hold our own space in relationship to others and how we hold space within us for both our right and left hemisphere's perspectives.

We will model how to create a safe, playful environment that facilitates neural plasticity. These webinars are FREE to attend. Both experienced Focusers and people new to Focusing are welcome.

We meet on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday, twice in the same day for different time zones. The times are 11:30am - 12:30pm ET New York time and 7:30 - 8:30pm ET New York time.

Online via Zoom
- Pacific
Ann Weiser Cornell
As these uncertain times continue to challenge us in unprecedented ways, our need for connection and emotional support is greater than ever.

This is a 30-minute free webinar (with Ann Weiser Cornell) with warm, positive tips for emotional self-care in these challenging times. Each month is different as Ann responds to the present moment and whatever the group is bringing.

Our hope is that you’ll leave the webinar with a greater sense of resilience and some relief from the stressful feelings you might be having. And that you’ll know you are not alone.

Online via Zoom
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
- Cd. de México time
Fotografía de Salvador Moreno López
¿Cómo atender a las relaciones entre lo vivido y nuestras emociones para cuidar y mejorar nuestra salud integral?...

Topic: Introductory
Kati Singh
Throughout 2024, join us each Wednesday for a contemplative meditation crossing the Philosophies of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Eugene Gendlin. We meet every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm EST/NY where we pause to contemplate the truth.

We move slowly through these meditations leaving space for pauses, reflections and focusing partnership interactions - any language and any level of Focusing proficiency is welcome into this space, or none at all.

These events are open and free to the public - each meditation is taken from Krishnamurti's Book of Life.

Pre-register on zoom.
Topic: Introductory, Spirituality, TAE/Philosophy
- Eastern time
happy to meet you our space expressive inner child work
Invite yourself to come to an intensive 5 day Focusing training in July 2024 about “A unique possibility to experience ‘Dynamic Focusing”! It will be from wednesday 17th (18 pm) till the Monday the 22nd (13 pm) in Friesland. Several topics are essential and will be covered: Listening in three directions; The Emerging Body language Unconditional authentic empathy, Creating space, Safety and boundaries, Contact/ Contract; Selfcare; Working with symbolisations/ expression and of course (pre-verbal) inner child work. More information: look at

The venue is “De Bron” a retreat and conference centre ;There are plenty of opportunities in the local area for canoeing, walking, biking and sight seeing.
- Eastern Time (New York Time)
Annette Dubreuil
Learn Gendlin's classic 6 steps of Focusing in this interactive 2-hour workshop. There will be a Focusing demonstration. And you will have the opportunity to experience Focusing for a 20-minute turn, as well as a listening turn in breakout groups.

Next sessions (pick one 2-hour session to attend):
-Wednesday, July 17, 6:30-8:30 pm Eastern
-Thursday, July 25, 1-3 pm Eastern

Online via Zoom
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- France Dordogne Payzac (24270)
Alexandre lieu de stage Focusing
Je propose ce stage tout public comme un cheminement personnel vers soi et une formation à la pratique du Focusing. Même si vous l’avez déjà vécu, vous découvrez plus que ce que vous ne connaissez déjà à propos de vous-même et à propos de l’approche du Focusing. Le Focusing Expérientiel vous (ré)apprend à détecter et écouter votre sens corporel, votre 6ème sens. Par son intermédiaire vous retrouvez confiance, intuition, et créativité. Ce stage représente le premier volet d’une formation si votre intention est de vous former pleinement au Focusing.

Payzac 24270
Head shot
This is a series of Saturday workshops, running once a month, with virtually open intake. Only the Introduction, "The Art of Focusing" (or equivalent) must be taken as a pre-req, the remaining modules are totally flexible. Students who complete 16 specific modules, along with additional practice and supervision criteria, may become certified as a Focusing Oriented Therapist. Program completion takes about 17 -20 months.
Topic: Certification
flyer Jeffrey focusing with his students
Are you curious about Focusing Oriented Therapy?

Discover a somatically-based, relational, research-proven tool for lasting change. Learn how Focusing can facilitate personal growth and strengthen your professional healing practice at this free live intro with Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist Jeffrey Morrison
Topic: FOT
- Eastern Time/New York/Canada
Barbara Dickinson Sandy Jahmi Burg
In the style of Gene Gendlin's FREE Changes Meetings in the earliest days of Focusing (continuing to this day!), is delighted to offer a Monthly Exploring Interaction Changes Meeting -- Improving Relationships with Self and Others.

These monthly meetings will be held on third Sundays at both 11am ET and 7pm ET New York time, entirely online, using Zoom technology, for 90 minutes each meeting.

Facilitated by Barbara Dickinson, Certified teacher of Interactive Focusing and Certified Focusing Professional (TIFI), participants will have the opportunity to experience Demonstrations of Interactive Focusing (for beginners), as well as partner with more experienced Interactive Focusers (intermediate to advanced).

Online with Zoom
Topic: Changes Groups
- Eastern (New York) Time
TIFI Events logo Wendi Maurer
Come enjoy some fun with a few of Gendlin’s less famous but important quotes, as we cross with them and enjoy surprising results for our own forward movements. We will have gentle listening, lively discussions and TAE-like exercises.

Live attendance is recommended. All registrants (whether or not you attend live) will receive an email to view the recording after the workshop. Breakout rooms are not recorded. Some familiarity with Focusing will be helpful, though all are welcome to attend.

Online (Class will also be recorded)
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Other, TAE/Philosophy, The Focusing Institute (TIFI) Events
- Eastern Time
Annette Dubreuil Butterflies on pink flowers
This process group is an opportunity to meet in a group of up to six people for six weeks to allow the process of Focusing to carry you forward, while deepening both your Focusing and listening skills. There is a strong emphasis on building self-compassion through common humanity in this group, and we utilize the practice of empathy circles with empathic reflections each class to help achieve this goal. We will also use a mix of either round-robin interactive responses and breakout room practice.

Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
- Mountain Time
Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin
Treasure Maps is a 6-day residential retreat, an intensive workshop for people with Focusing experience who want to apply our Untangling® method to life’s most hard-to-change issues.

We’ve been teaching Treasure Maps in 15 countries over the past 25 years, helping thousands of people learn our method, getting responses like this one from Paul Fitzgerald: "The Treasure Maps experience was like a dissolving of an old way of seeing life and having new eyes to engage life with more freedom. I'd highly encourage anyone interested in deepening their Focusing to take this course."

We believe that transformation occurs most readily in an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, openness, warmth, playfulness, and support. Our mission is to enable you to live

Loveland, Colorado
Topic: Intermediate/Advanced
- Eastern Time
Helene Brenner, PhD Focusing Oriented Therapy Supervising Coordinator Maureen Gallagher, PhD, SEP, Coordinator in Training
This Open House is for Helping and Healing Professionals that have taken the foundation courses in Inner Relationship Focusing, and would like to become Certified as a Focusing Oriented Therapist or Focusing Professional. In this event, you will learn about this 2 year program in deepening into a professional practice as a Focusing Oriented Therapist or Focusing Professional.

Meeting by Zoom. RSVP here:
Topic: Intermediate/Advanced
- PT (Pacific Time)
FOAT Tools I Faculty- Doreen and Karen FOAT Tools I Course Photo (Lotus)
We are excited to offer this rejuvenating 4-session series! Our goal is to co-create a supportive group that will meet to practice specific FOAT® Exercises to enhance resilience, cultivate self-compassion and compassion toward others. Each session will include one main Theme-based FOAT® integrating Focusing with user-friendly methods for arts expression. Through this weekly FOAT practice group, small steps towards wellbeing, positive change, and growth will be nourished and supported.

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing in the online course– so if you cannot attend the Live Teleconference meeting, you can still access the material!

Topic: Introductory, Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
- Eastern Time
North Jersey Focusing Trainers (NJFT) Jocelyn Kahn and Beth Mahler
Eugene Gendlin wrote: “Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people - in fact, the whole universe. The sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as felt from the inside."

But most of us are born and raised with a very different sense of who we are – merely a fragile object in a sea of other objects, an inherently stressful view of ourselves. It can therefore feel very natural to fall back into this default way of being in the world, locked in a holding pattern of isolation, tension, and a lack of trust in ourselves. We will spend this daylong retreat reconnecting with the felt reality of "being bodily alive in a vast system" of support.

Wayne, NJ, USA (more details upon registration)
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate
- New York time
highlights logo TIFI events logo Jeffrey Morrison
Trauma therapist and Focusing-Oriented Therapy trainer Jeffrey Morrison will share his understanding and experience from four decades of practice. He will outline five key concepts that form a foundation for FOT practice and share how he uses them in his work with clients.

This webinar is ideal for therapists while open to everyone who wants to better understand FOT, how it can unwind trauma, and restore wholeness.

Online (Class will also be recorded)
Topic: Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, FOT, The Focusing Institute (TIFI) Events
- Jerusalem time
Yehudit First Yehudit First's Logo
Imagine being really present in the here-and-now…enjoying interpersonal moments with the freedom to be yourself, to feel good – to experience surprise and delight instead of repetitive, stressful patterns of interaction.

Social Oriented Focusing (SOF) teaches us to untie the KNOTS and NOTS that interfere with relating to others, enabling us to overcome blocks, fears, and automatic behaviors.

Online via Zoom
Topic: Introductory