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Focusing and Overcoming Extreme Poverty in Ecuador

Text excerpt from The Focusing Institute's 2009 Annual Letter

The Ecuador story is a good example of the value of overlapping structures. TFI received an email inquiry from the executive director of a development organization in Ecuador . Their mission is "to improve in a sustainable manner, the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups in Ecuador ." They were interested in training in our Community Wellness Focusing model, and requested communication in Spanish. We connected them to TFI Certifying Coordinators Edgardo Riveros in Chile and to Elena Frezza in Argentina . Within a month training began in Ecuador for a group of six counselors. The director came to the Second Iberian America Focusing Summit in Chile and has just attended our First World Conference on Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and The Advanced and Certification Weeklong. It was a great pleasure to meet William, to see his excellent slide show, and to know that we will have a productive collaboration for many years.

Marion Hendricks-Gendlin, Ph.D.
Former Director, The International Focusing Institute