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This Human Body is a Guest House


1. This human body as a Guest House, being Present to all that comes.

2. This human body as Guest House with several guests. "Oh, here is a guest that feels like a jiggling in my stomach. Here's one that feels like pressure on my heart. and here's something scared, and here's a sad guest. Oh, all this. It is all here and I'm holding it gently."

3. I have an angry guest and I don't like this guest. I'm identified with a guest that doesn't like the angry guest and I don't see that yet. I am just thinking that I shouldn't have this angry guest.

4. Now I am noticing the Hidden Guest (the part that didn't like the other guest). "Oh, here is another guest hiding on my shoulder here! Hello, come in." The arrow means I am inviting the guest in. Now the guest is inside and I am the Guest House again, being Present for all that is here. In my Focusing I probably would first take some time to get to know the guest that didn't like the angry one.  

By Nina Joy Lawrence, July 2008