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Joining the Partnership Network

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The Partnership Network offers eligible members a place to connect with other Focusers who are looking for a Focusing partner. 

Who is eligible?  

  • All current members who are Certified Focusing Professionals, including Coordinators, Coordinators-in-Training, FOTs and Trainers.
  • All current members who have received the Proficiency as Focusing Partner Award (PFP) award.  

By requiring all those in the Partnership Network to have certification or a PFP award, we offer a sense of safety and confidence to members who seek partners through the Partnership Network. 

Joining the Partnership Network

Once eligible to join the network:

  • Log in your account.
  • In your personal account area, choose "Edit Partnership."
  • Opt in by checking the “Network Opt-in” checkbox.
  • Complete your Partner Profile so that you can tell others seeking a partner a little about yourself. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to search for partners in the Network.