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Joining the Partnership Network

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The Partnership Network offers eligible members a place to connect with other Focusers who are looking for a Focusing partner. 

Who is eligible?  

  • All current members who are Certified Focusing Professionals, including Coordinators, Coordinators-in-Training, FOTs and Trainers.
  • All current members who have received the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award (PFP) award.  

By requiring all those in the Partnership Network to have certification or a PFP award, we offer a sense of safety and confidence to members who seek partners through the Partnership Network. 

Joining the Partnership Network

Once eligible to join the network:

  • Log in your account.
  • In your personal account area, choose "Manage Your Partnership Network."
  • Opt in by checking the “Network Opt-in” checkbox.
  • Complete your Partner Profile so that you can tell others seeking a partner a little about yourself.

Searching the Partnership Network

  • When searching the network there are 4 options: City, Country, Language(s), Meeting Format.
  • To see all network participants, leave all choices blank, to narrow your results, choose what is important to you.
  • To select more than one language group, select one language, then click in the selection box again.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to search for partners in the Network.