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Conversations: May 2016: Glenn Fleisch

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Glenn Fleisch, PhD, MFT Bio: 
Glenn Fleisch, PhD, MFT is a Focusing-oriented therapist in practice for over 32 years as well as a Wholebody Focusing Coordinator. “I have developed a specialization in helping clients transform core patterns associated with dispirited process and entrenched life stances, which form as a consequence of childhood trauma. I call this process the “body’s recovery of spirit,” as it involves using our whole body as a sensitive, resonating ‘instrument,’ to sense the movement of energy and aliveness within the body, and between us, in a relational space. This attunement enables us to reconnect with and restore life to these stuck and repetitive patterns that are still operating within the living body. It is a process of re-collecting, restoring and reclaiming aspects of ourselves that have been lost, impaired or suppressed, allowing us to become more whole and fully alive. I teach this process in seminars, workshops and in my writing.”

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