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Conversations: March 2011: Analia Zaccai

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Analia Zaccai Bio:
Tummymindly driven I grew. The lot vibrating inside me, outside me and around was awesome source of curiosity. I became increasingly aware of a world as mostly children do: without thinking on it…having no words for it yet …just living … just knowing...

Live interest in the learning realm and human bonding led me across studying Teaching, PCE Counselling, Human Development, Human Ecology, PNL, Bodymind, CNV and Focusing.

Since 2001, my work felt sensely focused on discovering ways to turn school time for children-students-teachers into real instances of learning, listening, experiencing and human encounter. I specialize in Research and Application of Focusing for and with Children.

Lately sharing Focusing and Felt sense thinking with groups of the Focusing Community to co-create more ways and commitment to experiential multicultural co-living.

Focusing, a portal to human genuine literacy… Felt sensing, inner compass of forward living drive and direction.

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