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Conversation, July 2021: Monica Gomez Galaz and Ozlem Mavis

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Topic: A felt sense of faith.

In this conversation, we explore faith as a human experience. That is, it need not be attached to any religious narrative. We talk about finding faith organically in the midst of darkness and doubt -- far from the contrived positivity of "have faith!" See video at

Monica Gomez Galaz is a Focusing Coordinator in Mexico City. She is a personal coach and focusing trainer. As a curious dreamer and a never-ending student of life, she is interested in how personal evolution connects us with something bigger. Through Biodecoding and Focusing, she has a better understanding of her own Body History. In her practice, she has evolved a new way of bringing awareness to biological function creating a natural trust in the process.

Özlem Maviş is currently working as a care aide for people with developmental disabilities in Victoria, Canada, and studying spiritually integrated psychotherapy. Focusing, since she discovered it in 2017, has guided her consistently within her inner landscape. She is particularly interested in combining Focusing with creative expression and sensing a subtle language of the soul. She makes watercolor illustrations that are inspired by the sacred presence she senses when her heart is still, or when it is dancing and glimmering with life.



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