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Conversations: December 2009: Bala Jaison

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Bala Jaison Bio:
Registered Psychotherapist for individuals, couples, families, and Director of Focusing For Creative Living, a Government Recognized Educational Institution offering Focusing training for therapists, mental health and medical professionals, Conflict Resolution for business, the Peacemaker’s Program for children and teachers, as well as courses for non-therapists. As a Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute, I also offer Focusing Oriented Therapy Certification programs. My passion: integrating the best of Experiential and Brief therapy combining (I hope!) the best of Focusing Oriented and Solution Oriented Therapy called SOFT (Solution Oriented Focusing Therapy) and the motivation for the book: Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy: How To Do Deep Therapy – Briefly and How To Do Brief Therapy – Deeply (translated into Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese). I travel extensively teaching the SOFT approach to therapists in both North America and abroad. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Eugene Gendlin, Mary McGuire, and the Focusing Institute.

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