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Conversation, August 2020: Harbert Rice

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How a felt sense functions in a group

Harbert Rice:

In this Conversation, you will learn how a felt sense functions in a Quaker Meeting’s gathering circle. Harbert describes how his work with Gendlin’s philosophy and Quaker practice came about in a Quaker meditation as a felt sense to map Quaker language into Gendlin’s language. He looks at the underlying commonality between Focusing and Quaker meditation. He also explores the key differences between Focusing and Quaker meeting. As members rise to speak out of the meeting’s silence you can experience the flow of the meeting as a whole. The speaking may rise to a point where the whole meeting experiences a felt shift. Quakers call this experience a ”gathered meeting.” In their monthly meetings for business Quakers make decisions by arriving at a “sense of the meeting.” Reaching a decision in this way rests on forming a felt sense of a shared meaning, leading meeting members to reach unity in their decisions.

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