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Conversation, August 2021: L.A. McCrae

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Topic: Focusing, justice, abolition, and healing

A live and unscripted conversation between Serge Prengel and Dr. L.A. McCrae regarding Focusing, justice, abolition, and healing.
Rev. L.A. McCrae, DMin., CSC-AD, CPRS, RPS, RCP, CCTP, CCTSA is a clinician, certified peer, recovery chaplain, and community-based research activist who grounds their work in this project of liberation. Dr. LA. focuses their work on issues related to mass incarceration & abolition, trauma, addiction, and mental health. L.A. is Doctorate of Public Health student at Morgan State University. Currently, they are collaborating with colleagues to merge the work of pastoral care & addictions counseling to develop a new generation of “recovery chaplains.” Dr. L.A. continues to advance work in harm reduction, abolition, and the "Three Ps:" public health, public theology, and public engagement. Each day, L.A. is encouraged and inspired by the words of adrienne maree brown: "I am not afraid of what I came here to do."

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