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Conversations: February 2011: Kathy McGuire

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Kathy McGuire Bio:
Dr. Kathy McGuire studied with Dr. Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago and did her dissertation on "Listening and Interruptions in Task-Oriented Groups" in 1975. She had a thirty-year career as a psychotherapist and workshop leader and published her manual, The Experiential Dimension in Therapy in 1984. She was a co-founder of the original Changes group in Chicago in the early 1970s and has been the Johnny Appleseed of Listening/Focusing Communities, using her manual Building Supportive Community: Mutual Self-Help Through Peer Counseling, 1981 (new edition titled Focusing In Community: How To Start A Listening/Focusing Support Group, also in Spanish, 2007) to start Listening/Focusing Communities wherever she has lived. At her website for Creative Edge Focusing, she has posted her many articles and free instructions for bringing Listening/Focusing into relational conflict resolution, businesses and organizations, education, parenting, supportive communities, spirituality, and counseling.

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