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Conversations: February 2009: Laury Rappaport

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Laury Rappaport's Bio:
I first learned Focusing in 1977 and resonated with the quiet inner listening, where I was able to connect with a sense of inner knowing. The process felt natural--and akin to what would happen when I engaged in art. I spent the next thirty years developing the interconnections between the creative arts and Focusing--which has culminated in my new book, Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy: Accessing the Body's Wisdom and Creative Intelligence.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor in the Art Therapy Psychology Department at Notre dame de Namur University, and also continue to teach Focusing and expressive therapies at Lesley University. I recently started the Focusing Arts Institute to help train others in Focusing, the expressive arts, and their creative synthesis. My hope is to help others discover the naturalness and life enhancing properties of Focusing and creative expression.

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