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Conversations: February 2016: Lynette Lancini

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Lynette Lancini Bio: 
Lynette Lancini is a certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer and community facilitator of creative co-emergence, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her music compositions have been performed, toured, recorded and broadcast nationally and internationally. Through Focusing, movement and music, Lynette’s art and training practice unfold through her practice Wholebody Creative Change. Lynette’s creative life has taken her from writing abstract concert music to more experimental approaches where Focusing process is instrumental to both composition and performance. Her inner-directed movement practice Elemental Focusing Wheel uses the medicine wheel as a template, and is a sequenced exploration of the interactive body spaces of Wholebody Focusing. Engaging with both poetry and TAE, Lynette also explicates her evolving understanding of living and Gendlin’s philosophy through writing.

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