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Conversations: June 2012: Astrid Schillings

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Astrid Schillings Bio:
Focusing came into my life in 1981 when studying psychology. It resonated deeply with my wondering what it is to be human, why we are here. I have been exploring, teaching extensively on the interfaces of Sensitive Body-Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditative enquiry, Inner-Directed-Movement and Focusing. It took years to let it slowly carry forward in my heart into one taste of Wholebody-Focusing. Thank you Kevin (McEvenue) for your warm support! I teach WBF/Focusing-Oriented-Therapy in several European countries in accredited trainings for counsellors/psychotherapists like in my Cologne-Centre and to everybody interested. I experience Wholebody-Focusing as a way of embodied enquiry into living being, a dynamic being aware... person to person, person- environment, the more... every day. Therapy, trauma-healing are important applications. In the last 15 years I have been in ongoing conversation with Gene Gendlin on the human body as active awareness.

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