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Conversations: August 2014: Katarina Halm

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Katarina Halm Bio:
In her work with Focusing, Feldenkrais® and related somatic modalities, Katarina Halm develops a unique lesson plan for each student and each group. With a deep interest in how language emerges in our movement, dreams and daily living, Katarina offers seminars integrating theories from Sheets-Johnstone, Gendlin, and Ullman. Nurturing a love of silence and social responsibility, Katarina facilitates Focusing for Earthquake Preparedness.

The foundation of Katarina’s Focusing teacher certification programme is three-fold:
- Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF), as created by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin.
- Meditative Listening, a style of Focusing developed by Rob Foxcroft.
- Active Pause (AP), an extension of Focusing pioneered by Serge Prengel.

Katarina resides in Canada. Her writings include M.A. thesis: Resonance and Dissonance in the Learning Process (ITP 1994), and a model of natural process action steps (The Focusing Connection 2009, FOLIO 2010, FOLIO 2013).

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