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Conversations: September 2009: Kevin Krycka

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Kevin Krycka Bio:
I am director of the Master of Arts in Existential-phenomenological psychology program at Seattle University. Since joining the faculty in 1989, I’ve taught graduate and undergraduate courses while conducting qualitative research utilizing Gendlin’s Experiential Theory, Focusing, and TAE. I’ve taught Focusing extensively to those in the medical and various healthcare professions (therapists, body workers, acupuncturists, etc.) as well as with persons with serious and life threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, EBV, MS and chronic pain conditions. I am a certified Focusing Instructor and have given Focusing and TAE workshops in Japan, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, and the USA. Currently, I am developing an approach to ‘peace-building’ that can bring the experiential order into public discourse.

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