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Conversations: June 2015: Bruce Gibbs, Andrew MacDonald, Bruce Nayowith and Serge Prengel talk about the Shared Field

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 Bruce Gibbs, Ph.D, has been doing Focusing for 35+ years. He has practiced, taught and used Focusing in many arenas. His years doing management consulting were heavily influenced by his Focusing practice. He is also a long-time meditator and has integrated felt-sensing into his spiritual practice. He participated in the Focusing and Spirituality conversation for the several years that it was an active group. His interest in Shared-Fields came from his Focusing partnership with Bruce Nayowith and the several essays they offered.

Andrew MacDonald, a Focusing trainer since 1995, is a personal coach who works primarily with Systemic Constellations (Hellinger) to help clients find their next developmental step. “Focusing helps us cope, but ease and movement often come from finding our right place in the system, especially the family.” Free constellation intro session for Focusers. Website:




Bruce Nayowith, MD, Since 1987, Bruce Nayowith has been using Focusing as a personal practice, and also as a way to explore diverse disciplines that encourage unfolding of individual and systemic potential. These include developmental psychology, whole brain education, Non-Violent Communication, emergent group processes such as Dynamic Facilitation and Open Dialogue, and ritual healing processes such as Family Constellations. Bruce works as an emergency physician, and as a subtle activist.

Serge Prengel, is an FOT in New York City and the editor of the Focusing conversations.

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