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Conversations: December 2015: Peter Campbell

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Rev. Peter Campbell, Ph.D. Bio: 
Rev. Peter Campbell, Ph.D. holds a doctoral degree from the University of Ottawa in Canada, with a specialization in the psychological study of religion. Together with a colleague, Rev. Edwin McMahon, Ph.D, the two Catholic priests have concentrated their attention on developing a more effective inner body-learning process called, BioSpiritual Focusing (BSF), within which those who share a common faith or interfaith can best learn a new habit for noticing and nurturing their important feelings. The priority here is no longer simply one of acquiring new information in the mind, but including how our own bodies and feelings know and express spirituality within religion within the body’s knowing and not only through the mind thinking.

This practical, often missing piece is crucial for all transformational religious maturation within the entire human organism. Together, the two men have authored six books, the latest being, “Rediscovering the Lost Body-Connection within Christian Spirituality.”

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