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Conversations: January 2011: Suzanne Noel

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Suzanne Noel Bio:
I found Focusing in January 2001 and soon signed up to become a Certified Focusing Trainer. Teaching Domain Focusing Partnership to people all around the planet has helped me integrate it and understand it more. I feel blessed to be able to accompany others on their initial Focusing journeys as a guide or as a listener.

Focusing Partnership has been essential to my healing on all levels. I feel more alive and at ease because of my continued Focusing practice – more "grounded" in my authenticity.

Recovery Focusing is what I call "Loving At the Edge". Inviting newcomers into their felt experience of the Steps and of addiction is like opening the door to something quite...magnificent: the power of relating and connecting to oneself, to another, and to a higher power in a whole person way. Felt sensing IS the opposite of addiction. Together we discover the fantastic FEEL of Recovery!

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