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Conversations: November 2009: Jim Iberg

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Jim Iberg Bio:
In my doctoral studies, I came across Rogers and soon after Gendlin. Before long I was working with Gene on Focusing.

I completed my dissertation teaching MBA students Focusing prior to Job Interviews, and got licensed as a psychologist. After practicing as a therapist and teaching in the Client-centered Practicum at the Chicago Counseling Center, I went into full time private practice, and have been working as a Focusing-oriented psychotherapist with individuals and couples for over 30 years.

I am a coordinator for the Focusing Institute, training individuals toward certification. I have conducted Focusing workshops in several countries in Europe as well as in the US. Some of my written articles are available on the Institute website.

A current interest is using Focusing to enhance one’s musical expressiveness and creativity.

Please share with us your ideas and experience on this topic through the Focusing Institute Facebook page, or the contact form.

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