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Chinese Translations

Chinese translation of Process for Naming Coordinators

We are grateful to Sicong Cao of Wuhan, China for many of these translations.

我们的使命 (Mission in Chinese)

学习聚焦:经典六步法 (The Six Steps) 

聚焦取向心理治疗 (What is Focusing-Oriented Therapy?) 

聚焦与梦 (Focusing and Dreams)

通过聚焦来帮助儿童 (Some Guidelines for Helping Children with Focusing) 

内隐哲学 (Philosophy Of The Implicit) 

在边缘处思考 (Thinking At The Edge (TAE) )
在边缘处思考(TAE)的步骤 (TAE-14 Steps) 

尤金·T·简德林 博士(Eugene Gendlin Biography)

尤金·简德林的讣告 (Eugene Gendlin Obituary)


简德林. (1961). 体验: 治疗改变过程中的一个变量 (Gendlin. (1961). Experiencing: A variable in the process of therapeutic change)

简德林. (1964). 一个关于人格改变的理论 (Gendlin. (1964). A theory of personality change)

简德林. (1966). 存在主义与体验式心理治疗 (Gendlin. (1966). Existentialism and experiential psychotherapy)

简德林. (1967). 价值观与体验过程 (Gendlin. (1967). Values and the process of experiencing)

简德林. (1968). 体验式回应 (Gendlin. (1968). The experiential response)

简德林. (1992). 身体的首要性,而非感知的首要性(Gendlin. (1992). The primacy of the body, not the primacy of perception)

简德林. (1995). 交叉与浸入(Gendlin. (1995). Crossing and dipping)

简德林. (1997). 《体验和意义的创造》平装本前言(Gendlin. (1997). Preface to the paper edition_Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning)



Thank you to Li Ming for these recent translations (2022)

Experiential psychotherapy (1973)

Phenomenology as Non-Logical Steps (1989)


The Responsive Order: A New Empiricism(1997)

Introduction to Thinking At the Edge (2004)  

Arakawa and Gins: The Organism-Person-Environment Process (2013)

A Direct Referent Can Bring Something New (2016)

Li Ming.(2020). "From Felt sense To Direct Referent". published in Japan “Focuser’s focus” 2020NL spring.