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Chinese Translations

我们的使命 (Mission in Chinese)

学习聚焦:经典六步法 (The Six Steps) 

聚焦取向心理治疗 (What is Focusing-Oriented Therapy?) 

聚焦与梦 (Focusing and Dreams)

通过聚焦来帮助儿童 (Some Guidelines for Helping Children with Focusing) 

内隐哲学 (Philosophy Of The Implicit) 

在边缘处思考 (Thinking At The Edge (TAE) )
在边缘处思考(TAE)的步骤 (TAE-14 Steps) 

尤金·T·简德林 博士(Eugene Gendlin Biography)

尤金·简德林的讣告 (Eugene Gendlin Obituary)


Thanks to Sicong for his translations for TIFI.