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Certificates Awarded By The International Focusing Institute



Proficiency in Focusing Partnership  – given by coordinators and trainers to individuals who have demonstrated they have learned sufficient skills to be a Focusing partner.

  1. An interim award that is given en route to full certification as an encouragement/accomplishment OR
  2. Given as a stand-alone award

Certifying Coordinators award the following certificate types by recommending students to The Focusing Institute for certification. Note: it can be confusing as all who are certified are referred to as “certified focusing professionals” yet it is also a “certificate title”.

  1. Certified Focusing Professional
    PFP Instructions for Individuals (PDF)
  2. Focusing Trainer
    PFP Instructions for Trainers (PDF)
  • Both of these titles can be given based on the same training. It is personal preference which certificate title an awardee chooses. The reason behind the two titles is “Certified Focusing Professional” is more general, more of a catch-all and seems to be chosen when an awardee is either combining Focusing with their given profession (rather than setting out to train specifically) or when the awardee believes that, in their locale, the title will carry more meaning.
  • Focusing Trainer was originally the only title offered in this category. We now say to applicants that it’s up to them, if they think they might want to train others, then Focusing Trainer would be the recommended choice.

If an awardee requests both, that is ok, we can give both as long as the request is made at the time of certification. If a second certificate is requested later on, a $25 processing fee is applied.

  1. FOT – Focusing-Oriented Therapy – this is given ONLY by Certifying Coordinators who are Therapists/Counsellors and teach a FOT program specifically. It is given ONLY to awardees who work in their locale as therapists/counsellors. In the US we know the degrees that qualify someone as a therapist/counsellor – outside of the US we depend on the coordinator and applicant to guide us as the laws/professional designations vary country to country.
  2. Wholebody FOT – Wholebody Focusing-Oriented Therapist – this is given only by Certifying Coordinators who are Therapists/Counsellors and who themselves, have completed a full program in Wholebody Focusing and teach an FOT program from the Wholebody pespective.
  3. Wholebody Focusing Trainer – this is given by Certifying Coordinators who are have completed a full program in Wholebody Focusing and teach their certification program from the Wholebody perspective.
  4. Children Focusing Trainer – this is given by Certifying Coordinators who have special training in Children Focusing. It is given to an awardee who has completed a regular certification course plus an additional 60 hour children Focusing training course.
  5. Certifying Coordinator – this is given by Certifying Coordinators to Coordinators-in-Training (CiT) whom they are recommending for certification as a Certifying Coordinator. Typically, a CiT has brought a minimum of two students through a full certification program under the guidance of their mentoring coordinator.