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TAE Proficiency Award

TAE proficiency award


The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) is now offering a Thinking at the Edge (TAE) Proficiency Award.

This Award is a recognition of a certain level of achievement in the practice of TAE.  It indicates that the award recipient has sufficient understanding of the practice to competently go through the steps.  It also acknowledges that the recipient can be a companion to another person who is also experienced in TAE.

Those who receive the Award will have the option to become part of the TAE Partnership Network, which can help them find TAE partners for further practice.

Please note that this Award is not a teaching certificate.

The first step in receiving the TAE Proficiency Award is to take a course listed below. All teachers for these courses are certified members of The International Focusing Institute and are known by us to be experienced and trustworthy teachers of TAE.  Upon completion of the course, your teacher may then recommend you for this Award.

Those courses are listed here.

A course which provides the TAE Proficiency Award will:

  • Be approved in advance by TIFI as a course which meets the requirements to offer the TAE Proficiency Award.  Courses currently being offered can be found here. [SEE COURSES].
  • Be taught by a teacher who is certified in Focusing by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI), and has been vetted as having sufficient knowledge and experience to offer this Award.
  • Teach TAE through both theory and practice.  It will give the student plenty of opportunity to practice alone and with partners.
  • Cover the whole of the 14 steps, so that the student will know what those are, and what each step is meant to achieve.  Teachers have the freedom to teach TAE in their way.  Many emphasize the concepts found in the steps (such as crossing and patterns) rather than going through them in order 1-14. However, students will finish the course with an understanding of the steps as a common language for TAE, so that no matter who is your teacher, you will have the tools for partnering with other recipients of the TAE Award.
  • Have a minimum of 36 hours of instruction and practice, to take place over the course of at least 6 months.  (More hours and a longer time are encouraged, but these are the minimums.)

To receive the award, the student must (as determined by the teacher):

  • Have actively participated in all hours of instruction and done the required practice sessions.
  • Be able to give a reasonably good explanation of TAE.
  • Demonstrate a good capacity to find their felt sense and to work with it in a TAE way.
  • Demonstrate a good capacity for being with another TAE practitioner so as to support that other person’s process.

Recommendation Form for TAE Proficiency Award

Upon recommendation, in order to recive the Award from the office, the student must:

  • Become a member of TIFI if they are not one already
  • Pay the following administrative fee to TIFI

To become and remain a part of the TAE Partnership Network, you must be a member of TIFI.

Please note: If you have studied TAE and feel that you already qualify for the TAE Proficiency Award, please contact your TAE teacher to ask if they are willing to authorize you to receive the TAE Proficiency Award.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected].