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Focusing and Afghanistan

Evaluation for Parsa's Higher Education Psychosocial Training by Manjari Mehta, Ph.D.  [PDF]
This an outside evaluation of a project in which Focusing is taught to staff of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan (PARSA) and to University students who in turn teach it to children and teachers at several schools and orphanages in Afghanistan. Warchild funded a center which features Focusing as a major component of their psychosocial program. The whole report is shown and section II begins the explicit evaluation of Focusing.

A Focusing Story from Afghanistan

Focusing in Community Psychosocial Wellness: Afghanistan, El Salvador, Pakistan (Slide Show) by Nina Joy Lawrence, Dr. Patricia Omidian, Jerry Conway, and Beatrice Blake 

This Human Body is a Guest House  - image and explanatory text for Slide 43 from above Slide Show 

The Use of Focusing by Afghan Aid Workers by Patricia Omidian

Focusing in Afghanistan by Nina Joy Lawrence

Afghanistan Psychosocial Wellness/Women’s Project :A Collaborative Project of The International Focusing Institute and the American Friends Service Committee