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Remembering Bebe Simon

Bebe Simon
Bebe Simon 1925 - 2024


We were saddened by the news on January 20 of the passing of Bebe Simon.  She was a legendary and beloved member of the Focusing community, well known for attending every International Focusing Conference, and for leading the Love Exercise, among many things.

You can read the lovely "Get to Know Bebe Simon" article written by Barbara Dickinson and Len Grossman for our July 2020 newsletter here.  The archives of her work were announced in the September 2022 "In Focus" newsletter; you can read that again here. You can read Bebe's obituary in the Chicago Tribune here.  Read memories from Len Grossman of Bebe's 99th birthday a few days before she passed as well as other memories here.

Bebe is the author of Discovering the Gift of Your Inner Wisdom: How I Teach Focusing. and enjoyed leading the Love Exercise, which she learned from Gene Gendlin.  You can watch her leading that here.

The family is organizing a memorial service in the Chicago area this spring.  We at The International Focusing Institute will remember Bebe as part of our Honoring Milestones online ceremony on October 11.

Our newly-created Focusing Heritage Gallery has more details about Bebe as well as remembrances of our other pioneers, teachers, innovators and inspirations.

If you would like to give a financial gift to The International Focusing Institute in honor of Bebe, please do so here, and write her name in the box (at the bottom of the page) provided for that purpose.  Unless you specify otherwise, we will use funds given in her honor to help others attend the next International Focusing Conference.

Bebe Simon collage