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May 2023 Newsletter




The Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene Gendlin
(Psychology and the Other)

Edited by
Eric R. Severson and Kevin C. Krycka


This book is an outcome of the 2021 Gendlin Symposium, which was the work of the Gendlin Research Center and the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy at Seattle University. Editors Eric R. Severson and Kevin C. Krycka were chairs of that event and these essays were presented at that Symposium.

This collection of essays is written by scholars inspired by Eugene Gendlin’s work, particularly those interested in thinking with and beyond Gendlin for the sake of a global community facing significant crises. The contributors take inspiration from Gendlin’s philosophy of the implicit, and his theoretical approach to psychology. The essays engage with Gendlin’s ideas for our era, including critiques and corrections as well as extrapolations of his work.

Please note that the next Gendlin Symposium will take place in September 2023. Information on the 2023 Symposium is found here.


Gendlin Philosophy Prize

Reminder: Submission Deadline June 1, 2023

The Eugene T. Gendlin Center for Research in Experiential Philosophy and Psychology (Gendlin Research Center for short) is delighted to announce a new prize for young scholars in philosophy.

The Gendlin Research Center is a division of The International Focusing Institute. Its purpose is to encourage high level academic research based in the work of Dr. Gendlin. Eugene Gendlin received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 1958 and served as an associate professor in the departments of Philosophy and Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago from 1964 until 1995.

The Gendlin Philosophy Prize of $500 will be awarded to the best paper regarding any aspect of Gendlin’s philosophy or writings.

Full details about the requirements and how to submit a paper are found on the The Gendlin Research Center page.


2023 Gendlin Symposium

“Deliberative Transformation:
Embodied Phenomenology And Process Thinking”

CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline June 1
September 28 – October 1, 2023
(September 29 – October 2, 2023 if you are in Asia / Oceania)

This symposium is sponsored by The Eugene T. Gendlin Center for Research along with DePaul University, University of Iceland & University of Koblenz.


Let's Start a Conversation: Roundtables 2023

Are you interested in having good conversations? If so, then Roundtables are just the place where you can begin them. Roundtables were created to foster conversations and connection between members. There have been many, many conversations going on at these events (and beyond!) for several years, on a wide range of topics.

You may have seen notices arrive in your inbox or advertised in the Courses and Events section of the TIFI website. This year, there are several already scheduled for the 2023 program, and we hope that you will join us. All Roundtables are free to members.

The intention for the 2023 Roundtable program is to continue to foster dialogue and connection across our international community. Details for some events are still being finalized, but to give you a taste of what to expect in the coming months, here is a summary of the main categories of the Roundtables that are being planned:

  • Gathering of groups with a special interest, such as Focusing-Oriented Therapists (FOTs) and Children Focusing
  • Roundtables in different languages (including French, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew and English―so far), with locally-based hosts
  • An emphasis on a specific theme for the year, such as three stand-alone events on Focusing and Listening
  • General topics - many of them suggested by members - including Focusing and Ecology; Focusing and Poetry; Focusing and Spirituality; Focusing and Social Engagement, and a conversation on ‘What is the New Normal?’
  • Geographic spread to ensure that people across different time zones have easy access to Roundtables

Particular thanks to the volunteer members who have acted as hosts over the past year, and to those who have agreed to act as hosts for 2023. All over the world, from Oceania to North & South America, to Europe and Japan, our hosts have generously taken the time to plan each and every Roundtable in great detail to ensure that it is the best possible experience for fellow members. Thanks, too, to people who have suggested areas for exploration, to those who have provided technical support, to those doing the administration behind the scenes and, of course, special thanks to the hard-working, supportive and endlessly patient Elizabeth Cantor in TIFI office. It is a big, international team effort.

Would you like to start a new conversation? We would love to hear from you on topics that you would like to have a conversation about― maybe there’s a question you want to pose or open up together (unclear edges are especially welcome). Maybe you’d like the opportunity to connect with people in an area you are exploring, or perhaps you want to start a conversation on how Focusing might contribute in some way to improving an aspect of life or tackling the issues that face us today?

Please email us at [email protected] with your ideas, thoughts, questions, and areas you would like to have a conversation about with other members. Our role is to enable you to use the Roundtable framework effectively. This includes refining the idea to fit the online 2-hour format, helping with developing the publicity material for distribution to members, scheduling and listing the event, taking registrations, sending out any required material in advance, providing technical support to run the events on Zoom and, for those who wish to continue the conversation, providing email lists (with the permission of participants only). We are in the process of planning events for later this year and into 2024, so now is your opportunity to reach out and start a conversation with the Roundtable team. We are listening!

We look forward to seeing you at the Roundtables in 2023. Margaret Quinn, Mary Jennings, Elaine Goggin Roundtables Team


A Tribute to Bala Jaison
by Paula Nowick


"... the most wonderful part of Bala was her generous Focusing approach..."

Bala Jaison died on March 7, 2023 after a lifetime devoted to championing Focusing by teaching, writing, editing, and helping others in her Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy practice.

Bala (right) with Mary McGuire,
co-leaders of the 1978 Weeklong
in Chicago. In the center is Brian Korzec.
Bebe Simon peeks out from behind him.

She typed, mimeographed, stapled, and offered the few pages to the young Focusing community in Chicago. 

By 2008, under her dynamic leadership, her newsletter had grown into The Folio, an annual, professionally-bound journal of 376 pages with articles from 37 Focusers. 

Along the way, she successfully persuaded The International Focusing Institute to underwrite the cost of publication, secured the unwavering support of Gene Gendlin, and solicited articles from authors around the world. Her work shined a light on the vast and varied intellectual interests within Focusing, all while educating and entertaining thousands. As I found out when I became her coeditor of The Folio, Bala was a force of nature who was able to not only dream big and execute flawlessly, but also inspire many others (like me) to join in and support her high ambition.

Bala (right) with Ruth Rosenblum co-leading a symposium on Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy in memory of Gene Gendlin. This event took place in the afternoon following the memorial service for Gene which was organized by TIFI in New York City in August 2017.


Remembering Lucy Bowers

On April 3, 2023, we lost one of the brightest lights in our Focusing universe - Lucy Rietveld Bowers. She passed peacefully after a long and courageous battle with kidney failure and cancer. She is survived by a loving family and a host of friends, colleagues, students, and many others whose lives she touched.

To honor Lucy’s legacy among our global Focusing community, a tribute is being written by Barbara Dickinson for the next newsletter. If you would like to contribute a short reflection, please write directly to Barbara by May 15, 2023. She can be reached via email at [email protected].

Lucy's family has provided these obituaries where you may find words of comfort and helpful information.

St. Catharine's Standard
Heritage Funeral Centre

Rest in peace, dear Lucy.




We are happy to congratulate the following three new Coordinators, Certified Focusing Professionals (including Trainers and Focusing-Oriented Therapists) and Proficiency in Partnership (PFP) recipients. Congratulations to each of them on their achievement. We wish them all the very best in their ongoing endeavors!

New Coordinators

Sandy Jahmi Burg, USA

Mentoring Coordinator: Nina Joy Lawrence Supported by Patricia Omidian and Helene Brenner

Sandy is a Focusing Coordinator who aims to instill personal empowerment and community building through Focusing. She offers sessions and courses grounded in Inner Relationship Focusing, spatial awareness and neuroscience. Her Community Wellness approach to certification is supported by an ongoing Learning Community for Master in Guiding Change. Sandy is also the author of Smartview Stories, a book series on using Focusing in daily life that is currently being developed into school curriculum.

Baruch Brenner, Israel Hebrew

Mentoring Coordinator: Dana Ganihar

Baruch Brenner is an Israeli theater director, actor, singer, teacher, Focusing trainer and an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. Over the last 25 years, he has been a leading innovator in integrating spiritual practices with experiential work in theater, movement and vocal arts. Together with Dana Ganihar, he founded Shakio Institute in the Spirit of the Philosopher Eugene Gendlin, which offers courses on Focusing, TAE, Gendlin's philosophy, and a Prayer school.

Katherine Kot, Hong Kong, China Chinese

Mentoring Coordinator:

Katherine graduated with a Psy D. in clinical psychology, a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, an MBA , and a Master's degree in Spiritual Theology. She has been engaged in psychotherapy for more than 20 years and has developed her own Treatment Modality “Empathetic Focusing Trauma Training”. Katherine is committed to promoting the Emotional Self-Help Awareness to the Chinese community worldwide as well as set up non-profit organizations in Hong Kong and Canada. Authored six books and many articles. She is an international popular speaker conducted more than 500 workshops or lectures worldwide.

AnchorNew Certified Focusing Professionals
Percillio Araujo da Silva Filho,

Coordinators: Ana Lidia Mafra
Bicalho de Oliveira and Maria Luiza
Rocha de Andrade

Liat Granot, Israel
Coordinator: Liora Bar Natan

Andrea Gratti, Italy
Coordinator: Nicoletta Corsetti

Alexandre Jacquelin, France
Coordinator: Bernadette Lamboy

Heather Juergensen, US
Coordinator: Charlotte Howorth

Teresa Keller, US
Coordinator: Ann Weiser Cornell

Sigalit Kubeisy Klein, Israel
Coordinator: Liora Bar Natan

Adi Leshem Alaluf, Israel
Coordinator: Yarden Kerem
Anthony Chun Sang Lo, Canada
Coordinators: Akira Ikemi, Chee Seung Chan and Katherine Kot, CiT

Anna Maria Lorenzo, Italy
Coordinator: Patrizia Bonaca

Selina Shuk Kwan Ma, Canada
Coordinators: Akira Ikemi, Chee Seung Chan and Katherine Kot, CiT

Annemarie Makay, Belgium
Coordinator: Chris van de Veire

Bruno Martins, Brazil
Coordinators: Ana Lidia Mafra Bicalho de Oliveira and Maria Luiza Rocha de Andrade

Ton Steehouder, Netherlands
Coordinators: Aaffien de Vries, Jan Winhall and Ynke van Zuidam, CiT
Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Awards (PFP)

Shara Morales, Switzerland
King Chun Tse, Hong Kong, China

The International Focusing Institute | 15 N. Mill St., Suite 210, Nyack, NY 10960