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Level 3 & 4

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Laura Storey, Certified Focusing Professional

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Oct - Dec 2023
Eastern Standard Time

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Our Level 3 & 4 course is where all of your hard work comes into fruition!
This longer nine-week course gives you the necessary time and space to integrate and apply your knowledge gained in Levels 1 and 2.

We will continue creating intimate class environments, emphasising active and experiential learning. We continue systematically developing and safely applying our advancing Focusing skills. There will be small lectures, live and recorded demonstrations, opportunities for questions and reflections, group exercises, games and paired exercises.

You Can Expect To:

  • Master the structure of the process
  • Experience how the "rules" are stretched or broken when the Focuser’s process calls for it
  • Experience the expansion of The Companion role with the Advanced Guiding Sheets
  • Appropriately use the guiding instructions to take the Focuser through the Focusing process
  • Learn how to support conflicting parts, exiled parts and the inner critique
  • Learn ways of responding when the Focusing process seems blocked, you're stuck in your head or you're experiencing resistance
  • Gain more of an embodied understanding of the Felt Sense
  • Experience clarity and 'ah ha' moments
  • Develop advanced listening techniques
  • Learn the difference between "reflections" and "invitations"
  • Experience deep Focusing sessions and profound shifts in your life
  • Receive strategies to overcome common learning challenges
  • Practise solo Focusing
  • Utilise the daily applications of Focusing by practising in partnerships with other students

What's Included:

  1. 9 two-hour meetings for a total of 18 hours of class time
  2. Up to one hour of weekly Focusing partnership in between classes, to further develop and practice your advancing Focusing skills
  3. Weekly readings and advanced guiding sheets
  4. A fun, supportive learning environment
  5. Email support from your teacher
  6. Upon successful completion of Level 3-4, you are referred to The International Focusing Institute and are eligible to receive their Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award.
    You qualify to access the Partnership Network and more advanced Focusing training through The International Focusing Institute.


Please inquire at [email protected]

Required Materials:
The Focusing Student’s & Companion’s Manual, Part 1 and Part 2 - both are available through Focusing Resources.

Completion of Level 2 (Inner Relationship Focusing or equivalent)
You may sign up as a standalone course.

Please plan to attend all 9 classes. If you are absent for more than 2 classes, you may be asked to repeat Levels 3 & 4 to satisfy graduation requirements.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for other information.

Who is Dr. Eugene Gendlin, anyway? Watch the new animation video created by Laura Storey on YouTube!




Laura is now my 'go-to' Focusing Practitioner. Laura provides the highest quality of Inner Relationship Focusing and is fully committed to her clients. Laura always invites her clients to speak up, state their wants and needs, and ask questions. I  admire her solid, unwavering presence. She’s confident and knows how to facilitate Focusing Sessions for optimal transformations.

         - J. H.  United States

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Join us for our Level 3 & 4 course:

Dates: Oct - Dec 2023



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