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Tete Brandam FOT 2023

Tete Brandam

Tete Brandam - The Contribution of Focusing to the Salutogenic Model

Positive opportunity towards health.The crucial role of FOT in the generation of tranquility and well-being. Its participation in client's moving forward.
Accompanying a volunteer. Explanation of some interventions. The "Why" and "what for" of the modality of accompaniment observed. Usual somatic phenomena. The essential importance of FOT in the process: Supporting and encouraging more. Necessary and sufficient conditions for effectiveness and efficiency. The proprioceptive and interoceptive senses: the incidence of Focusing. Definitive changes that generate health and quality of life.  The impact of Focusing in attaining wellbeing, health and quality of life. Focusing in the attainment of well-being, in  restoration of the appropriate energy level and flow and the emergence of ecological responses. The impact on the care, maintenance and development of a full life.

Teté Brandam is married, has 4 children and 3 granddaughters. She has a Bachelor's degree in Administration and Systems Analysis, which she obtained in the 80s. She got to know Focusing during her training as a Counselor. "I was struck by the power of the process and the dilution of my symptoms: psoriasis, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, back pain and headaches.  "Hundreds of people learned the wonders of the process from me, some of whom are now leading professionals at the Institute. I had a lot of feedback on the positive changes obtained. I have a diploma in pain and I am trained in brain integration and energy based therapies. Integrating ideas and knowledge, I think of the following:
Energy as a resource that must be efficiently managed for proper functioning.
Body processes as a consequence of old installed programs and the necessary updates to recover the general balance of the system.
Accompanying people we develop the art to generate good results. 
I invite everyone to develop and deepen this salutogenic practice."