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Serge Prengel FOT 2023

Serge Prengel

Serge Prengel - Sunflower Mind demonstration: The embodied & relational edge of Focusing-oriented therapy
This is a demonstration of working at the edge of Focusing: it involves working with the bodily processes that are underlying the felt sense. The name "Sunflower Mind" builds upon Gendlin's observation that we have "plant bodies." The metaphor highlights the physicality of the body's organizing movement, like a sunflower moving with the sun. In this demonstration, we will see how tracking the body's implicit movements allows us to enter the process in a deeper way. As we free up the natural unfolding of the organism's response, meaning emerges freshly, urgently, and leads to change from the inside out. 

Serge Prengel is a therapist and a co-founder of the Integrative Focusing Therapy online training program. He was trained in Focusing, Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing. He has been exploring creative approaches to working with Polyvagal Mindfulness. See
Certified as FOT by TIFI in 2007.