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Salvador Moreno Lopez FOT 2023

Salvador Moreno Lopez

Salvador Moreno-López - How the Music of Speech empowers communication/relationship in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy: demonstration
The Music of Speech: that is to say, the tones, timbres, volumes, pauses, rhythms and silences when speaking can be attended to and understood from the metaphor of the Music of Speech. Through various activities, the participants will be able to broaden their embodied awareness in relation to how the music of speech is present in psychotherapeutic dialogues, and to understand the important role that such music plays in experiential empathic understanding and in the precise symbolization of experiencing.

Salvador Moreno-López works as a psychologist, psychotherapist, and Counselor.

He is interested in understanding the Lived World in psychotherapeutic processes, recognizing the sociocultural, economic, political, religious, and ecological aspects present in that World.

For years he has been studying the importance of music of speech, in relation to experiential empathic understanding and precise symbolization/expression in psychotherapy, and in psychotherapeutic dialogue, integrating contributions from literature, music in general and jazz in particular.

Author of the book: Discovering my Body Wisdom, Focusing. He has published some chapters in books and articles, on Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.

Certifying Coordinator in The International Focusing Institute.
[email protected]